8 Tips to Select the Right AC for Your Home This Summer

8 Tips to Select the Right AC for Your Home This Summer

Summers is knocking our doors already. The weather has taken a turn and we all are counting on our air conditioner with high hopes that even this year, it will help us beat the scorching heat, at least inside our homes or offices. The technology has been bliss, especially for people living in places where the temperature goes higher than 35-40 Degrees Celsius. So it’s time we get our rooms, some new air conditioners. But choosing the right ACs can be a task since a lot of factors matter when buying one. So we bring you some tips you need to keep in mind before you choose the right machine for your homes.

1. Window or Split AC

One big question arises that whether you should buy a window air conditioner or a Split air conditioner .You need to see the placement of the machine. The room should have a window where it can be accommodated, and then you should go for a window AC. But, if the room doesn’t have a window or the machine needs to be placed in the center, then Split AC should be your pick.

2. Capacity

This is the most important factor yet many of us make mistakes here. The tonnage of the air conditioner is directly proportional to the size of the room. If the room is too big and the tonnage is less, the cooling would not be effective and vice-versa. For better understanding, here is a reference. A room with an estimated area of 120-140 Sq. Ft. will need 1 ton, 150-180 Sq. Ft. area will need 1.5 ton and a room with an area of 180-240 Sq. Ft. would require 2 ton.

3. Energy Efficiency

With rising temperatures, there is arise in our electricity bills. So to go easy on our pockets, it is better that we choose our machines wisely. Air conditioners come with star ratings. Higher the star rating, lower will be the power consumption. Pick the one which suits your needs the best.

4. Air Filtration

With air pollution increasing at an alarming rate, it’s essential that our homes are protected from the ill effects. The filtration technology plays an important role in eliminating polluting particles and helps make the air cleaner. When buying an air conditioner, make sure you’re well informed about the filtration process.

5. Installation Process

The Installation process of window air conditioner varies from Split. While the former has a single unit fixed to a window, the latter has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. One should always take into consideration the set up before picking up one for their houses.

6. Speed and Cooling

It’s always better to pick up an AC which has a better set of temperature and cooling speed adjustment options in order to cater to periodic switch in the weather.

7. Maintenance and After Sales Service

ACs are machines which require periodic service for optimum performance. It’s advisable to go for ACs that are easy to maintain and provide with good after sales services.

8. Pricing

It all scales down to the price of the air conditioners. One should always go for an air conditioner that provides the maximum of the above-mentioned features at the best price.

Keeping in mind all the various requirements of the consumers, the tech giant of the nation, Intex Technologies have recently launched 3 new series of Split namely: Golden Ice, Silver Ice,and Carbon Ice. They cater to varied climatic conditions all over and the needs of the consumers. We hope you have chilled summers!