Know the Top Benefits of Using a Window AC

High temperatures can be harsh. And while closing the blinds during the day and throwing all shades open during the evening may help your home’s temperature calm down a bit, but it can’t beat the relief that window air conditioners have to offer.

Using a cooling appliance comes with its share of worries. You should be focused on finding a model that suits your requirements, can fit in your house, and wouldn’t drown you in electricity bills. Plus, if you fail to choose an above par air conditioner, you may be risking your as well as your family’s health and well being in the process.

The market has enough options to make your head spin. Then, why would you only pick a window AC, you ask? Consider these benefits before you can make up your mind.

  1. They’re Affordable

They not only will cost you less money as compared to other similar products but also will work on an overall minimised operating cost than others.

The quality of the machine you plan to buy compared with its capacity to cool particular square footage in a given duration determines its operating cost. And, in that regard, a Window AC is super affordable as compared to a central cooling system.

  1. They Are Great for Supplemental Cooling, and They Help Save Money

A centralised system for keeping your entire house at the desired temperature, including the rooms no one uses, can be too overwhelming for your wallet. Instead, by operating on the concept of supplemental cooling, you can use these room-restricted air conditioners to set the temperature of selective rooms as you desire.

It’s great for saving energy bill while beating the heat. And, considering how the appliance will only be used when and where you need it, it’ll last for long as well.

  1. Installing Window Air Conditioners Is Easy

Almost every model comes with a set of instructions on how to get everything up and running. And they mostly only differ in a few respects here and there. Here’s how installing one goes generally.

  • Lift the lower pane
  • Ask for a friend to help you place the unit on the windowsill
  • Shift it around, slide it in, and fix the position of the air conditioner
  • Lock it into place, either by lowering the pane as suggested in the manual or fastening the brackets to the unit as provided with the appliance. Read the instructions in the handbook to confirm this step
  • Seal any unusual openings around the AC.

You can do it yourself, and may need someone to help you lift things, but won’t have to hire a handyman for the process, which will save some money.

  1. They Don’t Crowd Your Living Space

If you live in a moderate or small house, the last thing you need is a big metallic box cluttering whatever spare space you have, giving your home a constricted look and feel.

These units don’t take up floor space. They don’t protrude and interfere the activities going on in the room. And, they are mostly designed as compact units which can fit snugly in different places, depending on their size, which makes them the perfect unit for bedrooms, bathroom, porches, dorms, etc.

  1. They Are Easy to Maintain

You can clean the filters, fan, and fins, take the dust off the condenser and evaporator coils, simply with a cleaning agent, water, and blower.

However, it’s important to take the unit for regular servicing, so that any problems with the refrigerant, circuits, and other components can be caught in time and fixed before they cause the appliance to malfunction or reduce its performance.

Good Window Air Conditioners Can Save Your Money and Time, so Pick Wisely

Here are all the advantages you stand to gain.

  • They’re the popular choice. Hence you have more options to pick from and the benefit of competitive pricing
  • High efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Easy to install
  • Convenient in size
  • Can be cleaned manually with ease to increase the lifespan of the unit

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