Tips and Tricks to reduce your AC’s power consumption

Tips And Tricks To Reduce Your AC’s Power Consumption

Buying energy efficient products is one way to lower your electricity bills but knowing how to operate them correctly can also cut down your costs. Air-conditioners have become an essential appliance in every household but can also be very costly to operate as they consume high electricity.

Whether you already have or are planning to buy an air conditioner that’s portable, a window unit, a split system or a ducted system, there are tips and tricks to use it more efficiently so that your electricity bills are kept low and you’re helping the environment too.

Read on to find how to reduce your AC’s power consumption:

1. Lower the cooling at night: You don’t require the same level of cooling at night as in the day. Try keeping the temperature high during your sleep hours or, if your unit has one utilize the “sleep mode” which will lower its output on a timer. You can also put a timer to shut the unit off automatically after a few hours.

2. Invest in portable units: Investing in portable ACs is a smart idea as they can not only be moved around in the house but also use up to 50% less energy than a larger central air unit would, to cool off the same space. Do check its Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) before making your purchase. According to most standards, air conditioners should have a minimum EER of 8 in order to be power-efficient.

3. Built-in inverter: Opting for an AC with a built-in inverter is a smart choice. Though more expensive, it consumes much less power. A 1.5 tonnage AC uses around 1.5 units per hour, while an AC with a built-in inverter uses only 0.91 units per hour. This energy efficient technology is currently available only in split air conditioners. Although air conditioners with inverter technology adjust their capacity based on the room requirement, it is very important to install the right sized air conditioner in a room.

4. Split or window: If your choice is limited to a split or window AC, then opt for a split one. A 4-star split AC can be as power efficient as a 5-star rated window AC. You will also need to pay close attention to their Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) ratings. Apart from energy efficiency, a split AC is also less silent in operation and more aesthetically pleasing.

5. Regular servicing: Investing in regular servicing of your unit can significantly lower your power bills. An air conditioner’s filter requires regular servicing and maintenance for it to function in a cost-effective way. Regularly cleaning the filter can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%. It is also advisable to cover the unit during winters. Covering the outdoor unit of a central air conditioner during winters will also protect it from winter weather and debris and increase its shelf life.

Summers are here and an AC is a must, but with the increased heat, the units also consume more power to work efficiently. We hope you can utilize some of these tips to keep your home/office spaces cool without worrying about your power bills!