Things to Remember While Buying an Air Cooler

As summer strikes, the need to seek relief from the blazing sun drags us all in front of an AC at one point or another. However, installing one in your home can be a bit of an expensive affair. So, what do you do? Buy air coolers.

Consider the overall investment in an air conditioning unit, including the electricity bills, the manual maintenance, and servicing costs. Plus, the fact that a portable one will only work in a room at a time and a central system will cost way more, coolers seem like a pretty convenient, inexpensive, and low-maintenance option.

But, before you buy one, you should be clear about what you want, what it has to offer, and how it’s the best option for you.

Evaluating Air Coolers- Parameters to Keep in Mind

You want a model with the most efficient performance that your budget can afford, right? Depending on the key factors which control the functionality levels of your air cooler, you must pick the right model.

  1. Room Size

If the area is large and the cooling device small, the result will not be impressive at all.

  1. Portability

If you choose a window cooler, it’ll be restricted to one room. However, if you pick a portable one, you’d be able to move it from one place to another, as you need it. It’s also necessary to consider portability along with the size of the appliance and the size of doors in your house to make sure that you can displace it without any hassle.

  1. Water Level Indicator

In these models, while you’re filling them with water, the indicator will ensure that you don’t flood the tank.

  1. Speed Controller

It’ll let you reduce the fan speed after the room is cold enough or set the speed to your liking, depending on how hot any particular day is.

  1. Pad Thickness

Located on all three sides of a cooler, except on one side where the fan resides, these pads are sprayed with water by the pump. As air travels through the device, they soak up the heat and let the fan propel cold air inside your room.

Thicker pads offer better functionality. You can choose an aspen pad or a rigid cellulose pad. The former is most effective at a thickness of 1 inch. The latter should be at least 4 inches for improved cooling.

Your Specific Requirements Should Be Considered as Well

Consider this example.

The Intex WIN-Cool 55 Air Cooler has a 55-litre tank capacity and can throw cold air up to 35 feet. But, it’ll be fixed in a window, ideal for a medium room, but restricted to it. The Cool X-80 model has an 80-litre tank capacity, with five blades, 35 feet air throwing distance, and has wheels.

Here, the latter is inverter supported, has a remote to control the functions, and can be used to cool different rooms as per need. The former offers more powerful cooling, but requires more space, electric power, and water to function than the latter, as almost all window coolers do.

The point – Whether you live in a one-room flat or a three bedroom house, alone or with family, and have enough to accommodate large electricity bills or not, your particular circumstances should dictate the choice of the model.

But, Don’t Pay Where You Don’t Need to

Desert or portable, mini or large, in the end, you can choose to keep away from the heat in any way you see fit. However, be smart about the purchase and consider every scenario where you may end up spending more than you should have.

Here are things you should check before you finalize a product.

  • How energy efficient is it?
  • What is the cooling capacity that you need?
  • Do you need features like automatic cooling, water level controller, i.e. functions that’ll cost you extra?

Also, you should keep your expectations realistic. Any air cooler, no matter how useful it is, will not help if you throw all the drapes open during the day. Also, you can add ice to the water, make sure the room is adequately ventilated, and keep the unit clean to enhance its performance.

Pick Wisely

Intex offers a large number of Air Cooler models like desert cooler, window cooler & personal cooler. They come with inverter support, remote control, multi-directional wheel, as much as 4000 cubic meters per hour of air throwing speed with a controller, and they’re available in all sizes. Just be sure your preferences are determined correctly.