This Summer Keep It Cool Efficiently with Intex Air Coolers

Summer or not, the mere thought of sweaty days and scorching heat is enough to make you miss the chill of winters. Usually, you’d be advised to relish in the freezing sharpness of an air conditioner, but often, that’s not an option for people. So, here’s a little guide on how to make the most of Intex Air Coolers and keep the summer away from your home.

Pick the Type You Want

This particular appliance is reasonably straightforward. It’s a box, covered on three sides with pads and on one side with a fan, all encased in a cage of metal. It also has a tank for water and a motor to pump the water around its body and to wet the pads.

There are three categories of air cooler that you can get this summer at any Intex store.

Desert Cooler

This type of cooler has an exhaust at its end. It applies the concept of cooling plus humidification. When the dry air comes in contact with water, the moisture content in the air goes up because the water evaporates. Your room gets chilled by the resultant cool, moist water.

But, this model uses more power, needs more water and can only be fitted in a window space. Even though you have energy efficient models, like the WIN-Cool 55, the overall operational expense for these units exceed that of a portable one, as does their performance.

Window Cooler

As hot air is pulled inside the unit, the heat is absorbed by the pads, which are often made of either cellulose or aspen. The resultant cold air is pushed out by the fan.

They can be placed on a trolley. Some models come with pre-installed wheels. Overall, they come in portable models, and can be moved from one room to another.

Personal Cooler

This series of air cooler features a small and personalized model which can be efficiently used for the cooling a single room. Less use of water and electricity makes this air cooler a very useful appliance this summer.

Take a Good Look at All Features

Why? So that you can determine the model which suits you best.

For instance, most of the Intex air coolers, like Cool-X 55 Slim and Cool-X 80 Wool, are inverter compatible. They offer a cooling capacity of around 3500 to 4000 cubic meters per hour. With tanks which can accommodate as much as 80 liters of water, these models are perfect for medium to large rooms.

At the same time, personal coolers, like the Mini Cool 10, is ideal for single person’s use in a small room. With a tank capacity of 10 liters, these tiny units can throw air up to 15 feet in all directions. They weigh less, are easy to move around, and offer four-way deflection.

Therefore, you should properly investigate the models you like, take note of their prominent as well as secondary features (like remote control option) and then choose one to buy.

Consider These Handy Tips to Increase the Performance of Your Intex Air Cooler

Once you are done with sorting through the options and picking one you like, it all comes down to ensuring the most extended lifespan possible for the unit.

The most obvious bit of advice is to clean it at regular intervals, keep replacing the water in the tank, ensure that the fans don’t get any dust deposited on them, etc. However, there are also smart ways to extract maximum performance from these devices.

  • Always keep the water in the tank above the threshold mark, or else the motor can short circuit
  • Place the back of the unit next to an open window, so that fresh air can be sucked in and circulated in the room
  • Drain the water and clean the tank floor as well as the fans at least once each month. It’ll get rid of the accumulated dust, keep the cold air fresh, and keep it from smelling foul
  • If your unit doesn’t have an ice tray, add ice cubes to the water to enhance the cooling effect
  • Add a drop or two of a disinfectant in the water tank to maintain good smell
  • Turn on the pump switch, let the water saturate the pads for a few seconds, and then turn on the fan to get the best effect
  • Replace the cooling pads once every few months
  • Get the unit serviced at least twice a year to catch any broken circuits, wires, and other electronic faults

Intex offers you a varied range of cost-effective, energy-efficient and well-designed air coolers. You get options for large, medium, and small rooms. You have a choice between window fitting models and portable ones. A good number of these units can run on the inverter, won’t cause sky-high electricity bills, and have a remote control for convenient handling.