Intex IN-J4001 Currency Counting Machine – The Smarter Way to Count

Intex IN-J4001 Currency Counting Machine – The Smarter Way to Count

Fake currency trading is one of the most prevalent financial crimes in India today. They are posing a grave threat to businesses as well as national security. To help and enable businesses to fight such financial frauds, Intex Technologies, the leading consumer durables & IT Peripherals brand, has introduced a Fake Notes Detector-cum-Currency Counting Machine that will not only help you count money faster, but also to identify fake currency and protect you against frauds.

The Currency Counting Machine is highly accurate, saves time, is very easy to use and operate, and most important of all is able to detect fake currency notes with an unmatched precision. The light weight, compact and swift Intex IN-J4001 Currency Counting Machine comes with an array of special fake note detection features like detection of suspected note, automatic half note and double note detection and LCD color change display on detection that protects you against fake currency notes and frauds. It also boasts features like automatic and manual start, easy to understand and stylish display panel and numeric keypad.

The Machine is particularly helpful for entrepreneurs in their day to day business operations as it provides them with a technological and practical solution to enhance their efficiency, accuracy and productivity. It will also be useful for small businesses, financial institutions, retailers, schools, colleges, hospitals and others.

The machine is especially ideal when you have to handle large amounts of currency notes and when help for precise tallying of money is required. Intex Currency Counting machine comes with an in-built self-diagnostic system that facilitates easy maintenance.

The amazingly accurate and precise IN-J4001 Currency Counting Machine is available at a competitive price of INR 11,000/-