Top 5 Headphones under Rs 1000 by Intex

Top 5 Headphones under Rs 1000 by Intex

Headphones: A simple escape into our own world. Headphones have been a revolutionary technology that has brought us closer to music and helped us stay in our own happy space, just the way we want it. Be it watching movies alone in the room or be it traveling in a crowded bus/train, our little friend has been in our rescue, always! We love to carry them wherever we go and it indeed is a great decision always. To cherish our love for headphones and our pockets, here is a list of headphones from Intex Technologies under Rs 1000. Yes, you read it right!

1. Headphone Crush

A headphone so eloquent, you’ll be crushing on this headset with all your heart! Chic looks, great output, matchless style and power to entertain. What else do we need for our musical escape? 3.5mm connector makes it compatible with the majority of music devices and smartphones. A 2.0 meter long cord help you do your thing comfortably while listening to music on your device. So keep calm and do the Crush!

Best Buy: 450/-

Headphone Crush

2. Headphone Wireless Roaming

Let your love for music roam around freely! The Wireless Roaming is the headset you need. Get away from the entangling of the cords and let the music take over. With a transmission range of up to 30 meters, enjoy music on the move. Do the chores comfortably while your smartphone rests at a safe distance. Well, that surely defines our love for good music! Enjoy the powerful headphone in the monochromatic Black.

Best Buy: 885/-


3. Headphone Magna W USB

Nothing sums up the day better than a good set of songs on the headphones, all by your own self. That’s the kind of magic created by Headphone Magna W USB. With a USB 2.0 connector, connect to the world of your own and go solo. Enjoy late night chats with your loved ones with distortion-free sound quality and a microphone that makes sure you speak your heart out, without disturbing others. Love has a new name!

Best Buy: 840/-


4. Headphone Jazz

Let it jazz with the Headphone Jazz. Just like the name suggests, Jazz is the headphone set for your quintessential self. Enjoy non-stop music with a pinch of style. Lightweight, mesmerizing output and looks so fine, the headset would be an attention grabber for you. Enjoy music at your ease with a 2.0 meter long cord that gives you the comfort to move around. Jazz up your style with Red and Black and let the world follow your taste.

Best Buy: 550/-

Headphone Jazz

5. Headphone Wave

Good music is like a wave of water on a calming beach. Music is an ecstasy for many and Headphone Wave provides you with a calming effect. The perfect accessory to enjoy your ‘me’ time, the headphone promises a distortion-free musical experience. Listen to your favorite tracks, watch movies or enjoy gaming with a surround sound effect. Whatever you do, make sure the entertainment quotient is soaring high. 3.5mm jack makes them compatible with all major devices and smartphones so that you can enjoy music whenever and wherever possible. A 2.0 meter long cord makes sure you do it effortlessly!

Best Buy: 250/-

Headphone Wave

We hope you have made the choices and you’ll be getting your hands on a new pair of headphones. You can get these Intex Headphones at your ease. Either you can buy these headphones online or visit the nearest Intex store to get home the musical experience.