Most Important Things to Consider before Buying a Smart TV

Most Important Things to Consider before Buying a Smart TV

Time has changed, so have our television and the way we watch it. Rewinding back to a few decades, we all can remember a big black box with a curved screen broadcasting a few channels which were our source of entertainment. From that big black box, we have evolved to a flat screen, sleek and smart television, providing with a different experience altogether. From watching to what was telecasted, we have moved to an era where we can play, pause and record whatever we want with just a click. Technology has evolved, but our love for TVs hasn’t. We now enjoy an era of smart TV features, which provide us with supreme experience at our ease. So one may ask what shall be the criterion to buy the best smart TV according to his needs.

Let’s talk about certain things one should keep in mind while buying a smart LED TV:

1. Display Size

The size of the TV plays a vital role. It can vary from less than 80cm and range up to 139cm or above. One should choose the size of their smart TV keeping in mind various factors like the size of the room where the TV needs to be placed, the viewing distance and viewing angle. So to buy best smart TV suiting their needs, one shall consider the size factor on priority.

2. Display Quality

With the emerging technology, the display quality is getting better and better. Smart TVs are available in HD, Full HD and Ultra HD and one shall consider the display quality in accordance with other features while buying a smart television, depending upon their requirements.

3. Connectivity

Connectivity is very important criteria while buying a smart TV. With full control over what we watch and how we watch, connectivity and compatibility with other devices is a deciding factor. A number of USB ports, wireless connectivity features like N-Screen, T-Cast and Mira Cast, Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI ports, Apps connectivity etc. are some of the latest features in the list.

4. Sound Quality

The sound is as important as the display when talk about TVs. The fun is incomplete without a suitable sound output. With options like Stereo sound and Surround sound, one should go for the television that suits their home the best and provides complete entertainment.

5. Price

The price of the smart TV is the major deciding factor as one needs to buy the best suitable smart TV keeping in mind the price range. Getting the best-suited combination of features at an affordable price is what the consumers look forward to.

Paying heed to the need of the consumers, Intex technologies have launched a wide range of smart LED TVs, from 80cm to 139cm. Intex has been known to provide the consumers with a superior experience at an affordable price and the Smart LED TV range is a well-cited example of that. The Smart TV price ranges from Rs 27,999 to Rs 89,990. Providing best features like Display, Stereo Sound, Connectivity, Eye Safe-T Matrix, Size and Price, Intex Smart LED TVs are surely well suited for your home and pockets.