How to Take Care of Your LED

How to Take Care of Your LED TV

You’ve just laid your hands on an ultra-expensive high definition television you always wanted to buy. Now you wouldn’t want this high-cost investment of yours to stop working in a few years, would you? By understanding how a television works, you can increase the longevity of your Smart appliance without having to re-invest thousands of rupees on a new one.

Mankind has been fascinated by the idiot box ever since it was invented. Soon Smart TVs and LED TVs came from nowhere and started making a special place in people’s hearts. There are a number of appliances available in the market today according to your needs. However, keeping your “priced” appliance the way they were when you bought them, is a tedious job.

So we are letting you know our secret tips and tricks that will make your appliance last for a really long time:

Connect Your Appliance To A Stable Power Supply

Connecting your TV to a socket having an incompetent power supply is like calling danger for yourself. It makes sense to connect your appliance to a stabilizer if your home or workplace has a lot of power fluctuations and power failures. This ensures your appliance doesn’t get harmed by such anomalies.

Keep the Appliance Away from High Temperature and Humidity

Very high temperatures and extreme humidity have the capability to ruin your appliance’s circuit and damage its internal sensitive electronic components. The life span of your appliance drastically reduces if it is used at a place that has too many humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Don’t place your smart TV near the window or at any place from where direct sunlight falls on it.

Adjust the Brightness Levels

It isn’t required that you keep the brightness levels of your TV as you see in showrooms. Always remember that running your appliance at a high brightness level can easily cut the lifespan of it to half, as it has to work twice as hard to run with such high brightness.

While different manufacturers have their own brightness settings, “Home” or “Film” settings, work just perfect, or you may even select “medium room” or “dark room” settings based on the amount of light the room has.

Adjust the Contrast Settings

Contrast is a setting on an appliance that measures the difference between the darkest and the brightest colours. Your appliance uses more power if you keep contrast at a high level, thereby considerably reducing its longevity. While showrooms usually set their HD LED TVs to “dynamic” or “vivid”, you must refrain from keeping your appliance on these settings at home.

Your Smart TV can either be set to “standard”, as this setting uses the lowest power or to “movie” so that you can enjoy HD broadcasts. These settings consume less energy than any other contrast settings.

Switch Off the Appliance When It Is Not in Use

This one is a no-brainer, but most of us fail miserably at following this rather simple rule – either unintentionally or due to pure carelessness. How many times have you felt lazy to get up from your cosy sofa or bed and turn off the idiot box? The next time you feel lazy, just think about how greatly you would be able to increase the longevity of your appliance by just following this easy step.

Never leave your TV on when you’re not watching it. Using your appliance excessively is more than likely to cause burn-in and overheating. Also, refrain from keeping it on standby mode.

Allow Room for Sufficient Ventilation

LED TVs consume tremendous amounts of power. Only a good ventilation system can remove the heat that is generated due to this massive power consumption. Install your appliance at a location where it gets sufficient room to breathe. As a thumb rule, your appliance must have at least 4 inches to breathe around its vents that let the hot air out of it.

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