Intex LED 4012 Full HD TV

Intex Launches LED 4012 Full HD TV

With a simple aim of delivering an ultimate home entertainment experience, Intex has launched a feature-rich big screen LED 4012 Full HD TV model. The elegant LED TV comes packed with new & improved features that displays flawless true to life picture quality. The exquisite design with its elaborated vertical panels provides an extremely wide view that takes viewing to a different level altogether.

Its unique Eye Safe T-Matrix technology is responsible for removing the time lags thereby stabilizing all the features & dimensions nattily to make way for an ultra-smooth viewing. The response time is pretty fast (just 8ms) to prevent the blurry images & ensure that the picture quality remains intact. All this at an unbelievable price of just 35,999 INR! What more can anyone ask for?

The beautifully crafted LED TV has multiple unique features like: Cinema Zoom. This special feature allows a zoom-in feature in both vertical as well as horizontal directions.USB to USB copy allows the entertainment content to be easily copied from one stick to another.

The LED TV boasts a huge 102 cm screen with 2 built-in speakers to produce a crystal clear, balanced sound of 10W*2 which is spread over a wide area. The superb television comes complemented with Digital Noise Filter (both visible & audible) for an enthralling cinematic sound experience. The Mega Dynamic contrast ratio redefines television watching into an exhilarating experience.

Along with the bright & brilliant Dynamic Contrast Ratio that this TV provides, the LED TV supports an eco-friendly environment by delivering less power consumption by ‘Power Save Facility’. The terrific LED TV has all the necessary features that has the potential of recreating the ambience of the majestic theater entertainment experience.

The FHD TV surprises you with its wide variety of connectivity ports like: RF (1), HDMI (2), AV in (2), AV out (1); USB (2), YpbPr (1), VGA (1), PC Audio in (1), Earphone out (1) Jack. One can enjoy a seamless TV viewing experience simply by connecting a compatible device to the big screen & dive straight into the world of FHD entertainment. Its fully functional remote control ensures an ease of convenience for the consumers.

This attractively priced LED TV set is available at all the retail stores, leading e-portals and hypermarkets. One can avail this wonderful offering across various places that too at a budget price of just 35,999 INR.