Know the best appliance to enjoy motion sensing games

Know the best appliance to enjoy motion sensing games

Creativity and innovation are two important elements behind the constant volatility in the business world. This volatile nature of the business environment has been a tradition right from inception. It has become intensified in the 21st century due to advancement in technology. TV has undergone different stages of innovations and these series of innovations are tailored towards meeting customer needs, taste, style and fashion. Recently, the new trend in this appliance is the Smart one. Today Smart TV sets come with unique integrated internet and interactive web features. These appliances are becoming very popular among people in the society due to the fact that their functions go beyond the traditional television set functions because it includes internet television, over the top content (OTT), online interactive media, on-demand streaming media and home networking access. There are several of them on the market today, but the top 5 affordable and domestic Smart TVs that are highly recommended are discussed below:-

  1. Intex LED- SF5004

As the line says – experience the colors like never before, this appliance can be a wise choice for you. This model is one of the latest Smart TV from Intex which comes with ultra-fast Quad-Core graphic processor and Android 4.4 that will make every process smoother. Get the ultimate experience with amazing colors which will give you a pleasant and delightful experience of watching TV. If you love to play games on a bigger screen then this smart appliance is only for you. Experience the best of motion games with amazing graphics just by connecting your Smartphone with it and play your favorite games with ease. Gaming session on a wider display is icing on the cake. Our brand believes to provide a safer visual experience for you as it comes with the latest technology of Eye Safe-T Matrix to give your eyes a soothing experience.

  1. Intex LED- SH 3204

This smart television can redefine your entertainment quotient as it comes with a Quad-Core processor with Android 4.4 as its OS. It features an inbuilt tennis game, designed for entertainment for the whole family. This appliance is a store for non-stop entertainment as you can explore your favorite apps like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and lot more. Eye Safe-T Matrix technology will take care of you and your sight.

  1. Intex LED – SH4004

This smart TV can enhance your viewing experience with its 40 HD smart panel that will provide you a theatrical experience. You can sync your hand held device with your smart appliance and can go further in your journey of entertainment. Get on with the inbuilt tennis game that will keep your entertainment quotient a notch higher. This appliance is a technological protector that comes with Eye Safe-T Matrix to protect your viewing experience.


  1. Intex LED 5001 FHD SMT

Step into the world of smart entertainment and socialize with your loved ones through the smart TV. Now you can amplify the gaming fun as this TV comes with T-cast that will mirror your smartphone with the smart LED. Play your favorite games on a larger screen to make sure the fun unfolds multi-level.  N- Screen feature helps you sync your smartphone with this model to share files and play what you love.


All above mentioned smart TVs are quite affordable and comes with all the required features that will help you to enjoy amazing motion-sensing games. Intex offers you a range of best smart TVs available in the market, make sure you check out these models and get on with your entertainment at