Make Your Smart TV Really Smart & Secure

Make Your Smart TV Really Smart & Secure

From the days of Black and White television, we have come a long way to the present technology of TVs. Although the journey was long, yet it gave us some of the best products along the way. From the introduction of color technology to LED, Full HD LED TV screens you name it. But with the advancement in other aspects of media technology, there was a dire need to include those in our mainstream TVs too. And this leap was made by the Smart TV. After all, our cars and phones have become smart. Why not our telly can become smart too?

Smart TV apart from having incredible display and graphics has an additional feature of connectivity to the internet. So, you can connect with the world outside just through your television. You can play games, watch movies on Netflix, videos on YouTube and interact with your friends and family on the different social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. There is an ocean of possibilities with them. So, today, let’s take a look at how to make the best of them and make them really smart and secure.

1. A Bigger Smartphone:

Consider it as a much bigger Smartphone that can do your bidding in the same way. Most Smart TVs are Android-based and have similar applications as does an Android based Smartphone. They even have similar Processing Units which can range from being Dual Core or Quad Core, with a wide frequency range. The trick is to install and use all the apps and software as you would on your Smartphone. Stacking uploads of unnecessary junk will use up its memory and can lead to functional issues. Regularly keep on checking the storage and free up the memory accordingly.

A Bigger Smartphone


2. Making the Best of Internet Connectivity:

The Internet has made everything easy. With just a few clicks or touches, you can read, play or listen to any type of media you want. Further, you can contact your friends seamlessly anytime. Smart TVs being connected to the internet can do all this for you. All you need is a working Wi-Fi and you are ready to go. Open up the applications menu and proceed on to do what you wish. You can watch movies on Netflix and Hotstar or surf the internet through the inbuilt browser. Listening to your favorite artist on the YouTube can get even better on a Full HD LED screen. You can even make the best of the option of live streaming your social media feed right on to your appliance’s screen.

Making the Best of Internet Connectivity


3. The Ultimate Gaming Experience:

Gaming Industry today, is where it was never before. Sure you can play them on any TV and enjoy them on it. But the real game changer is the Smart TV. With the fast internet in our homes, you don’t even need to buy games from the stores. Instead, you can legally download the digital copies of your favorite games right from the internet and play as much as you want! The games fully show their mettle only when they are complemented with the best display and sound. So just go on and make the best of the amazing gaming prowess of the latest tech!

The Ultimate Gaming Experience


4. High Definition Media Play:

With options like UHD and Full HD panel, you can experience the best quality media. Be it movies, general videos or music, nothing plays them better than a Smart TV. To top that is the good quality stereo sound system that can turn your listening experience into pure gold! You can experience the movies and songs in the best resolution possible. The 4K UHD display experience gives the conventional LED TV or even Full HD LED TV, a run for their money. Playing your favorite media in the highest possible resolution offers you a chance to experience the magic first hand.

High Definition Media Play


5. Do All This Securely:

While having all the fun, you need to be aware of some banes of the technology as well. Just like any other device with internet connectivity, certain precautions have to be taken care of while using your Smart TV. First of all, in the settings menu, make sure you turn off anything that you feel like could breach your information and send it back to the home company. Next, keep the record of all the times you share information via your television and do so only through trusted channels. Lastly, you can use third-party antivirus software that not only protects your appliance from any malware but also helps keep it secure.

Do All This Securely

Smart Televisions are the hottest thing right now in the media world. And at Intex, you can find the best quality technology suited for your likes. With an innovative Eye Safe T matrix, Intex Smart TVs make sure they don’t put unnecessary strain on your eyes. Fast connectivity and USB 2.0 Playability add to the overall fun value. They also boast an amazing Full HD and 4KUHD visual experience with 178/178 degree viewing angle, so that there is no compromise with the entertainment. Apart from all the latest Android apps, you can make use of the Clean Master to remove all the junk files and keep the television function as smooth as ever.