Rediscover Your Smart TV as Your Gaming Buddy

Rediscover Your Smart TV as Your Gaming Buddy

Gaming has always been a popular medium of entertainment since a long time. From earlier gaming consoles to modern ones, one thing is always essential with the games and that is their display. From the days of conventional televisions and finally the Full HD LED TV, the gaming experience has always been on a steady upward pace. Today, games flaunt some of the most unbelievable feats in both display and sound, making the whole gaming a very different experience. Now as the gaming technology progresses, so must its complementary display technology.

Smart TVs are high definition display units that can also be connected with the internet. They function in the same way as does a Smartphone. Most of them are even Android based thereby giving access to the limitless possibilities of downloading apps and games from the App Store. With Full HD to UHD panel display, they offer some of the best gaming adventure out there. Let’s find how you can have the best gaming experience with one of these.

1. Inbuilt Games:

Smart TVs come with a number of built in games and apps. These can range through different genres and categories, like from simple arcade to action or racing games. All you need to do is plug in the TV and select your favorite games and play on! Certainly, the games look better in higher definitions, likewise, you can experience many games that you play on your Smartphone every day, on your Smart Television as well. With technology like screen projection, you can mirror your Smartphone screen on it and magnify your gaming experience. Some of them even have an additional App store from which you can download the games of your choice and enjoy them in top resolutions.

Inbuilt Games


2. Download from the Browser:

If the built in games are not enough for you, there is a solution. All such televisions come with an in built browser as well. Through this browser, you can search the internet and download your desired games from there. However, while doing so, make sure you keep in mind whether those games fit in your storage space or not. A smart television has a fixed memory which it uses for its functionality and overfilling it will not only cause problem in playing the games, but also hinder its usual activity. Keeping a few things in mind while opting to download and play such games can turn your TV into a gaming hub.

Download from the Browser


3. Plug in Your Gaming Console:

Gaming consoles come in all sizes and shape and so do the vast number of games they play. Most of the modern consoles and games are recommended to be played on HD LED TVs or UHD TVs. And Smart TVs fit well in the description! Many of them come equipped with multiple HDMI and USB input ports. So you just need to plug in the consoles in to the port and you get to play the games in their top recommended resolutions. It is no secret that the pixels and graphics really shine when the game is played on a complementing display. And for this reason your Smart TV can be your best Gaming buddy! Popular games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Asphalt 8, Call of Duty, Battlefield show their true colors only on a high definition display. These games really crank up the gaming engine to their extreme; and when played on an equally capable display, give an experience like never before.

Plug in Your Gaming Console


4. Be a Hit among Your Friends:

Just invite over your gaming friends and your smart companion will take care of the rest! Boast off the spectacular graphics and pixels of your favorite games on your UHD panel display and soon your house will become the next gaming destination of your friends. Your parties will never be the same after you have the perfect gaming companion in your home. Be it single player or multi-player games, you can make the best out of the display and sound capabilities of your gaming pad and your friends will love you for that!

Be a Hit among Your Friends

From HD, Full HD to UHD panel, there are numerous options to choose from. Intex Smart TVs come with multiple HDMI ports so that you can keep both your set top box and gaming consoles plugged in at all the times. Quick response time and a responsive panel, make sure you don’t have to wait while switching between the sources. And the rest is taken care of by the amazing two 10 Watt stereo sound system. So just let the gaming world come alive with the top level display and sound quality.