Top 5 LED TVs to Buy under 25k

There was a time when one could only imagine about convenient technology practices. However, with changing trends, advanced technology is now all around us. And is growing rapidly with N-number of options to choose from. This gets more complicated while buying an LED TV.

While some people want a Smart TV, few others look for a quick touch to operate the TV. Picture quality and viewing experience is now compared with the one, which was once limited to cinema theaters and planetarium. With the growth in options, there is a steady growth on demand too. But, the issue arises when you determine a budget for your purchase.

The market is full of technologically advanced assortment of TVs. However, choosing the one that fits your budget, while giving you the best features and performance is a task. And here, you can use this guide to purchase your dream TV if your budget is under Rs.25000.

To choose the best television in the mentioned range of Rs.25000, here are five-options from Intex, curated to meet your requirements, offering the most efficient of technology your money can buy.

  1. LED-SH3204


Numero uno in this list is SH3204. This is a Smart TV available at a nominal price of just Rs.24990. The 32-inch wonder has a quad-core graphics processor with Android 4.4 operating system and an HD panel with direct LED.

It supports flash memory and has Wi-Fi connectivity feature. Connect your phone to the system with the Miracast option and enjoy the content of your phone directly on the screen of your TV. This model offers smart power saving, a built-in stereo speaker with digital noise reduction, multi-language support and Eye Safe-T Matrix display.

Adding more to the kitty, the TV unit comes with a pre-installed tennis game where you can use your smartphone as a controller to play. You can also install more games and applications like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. for an increased entertainment. With 2 USB and HDMI ports each, you can enjoy absolutely anything you want without any hassle.

  1. LED-2208 FHD


2208 FHD is one of the most economic options offering a 22-inch screen at only Rs.11490 for your continuous entertainment. While it is light on pocket, it has many impressive features to keep you glued to the television screen.

It comes with a native 1920×1080 Full HD TV resolution, 6.5 ms of response time and a digital noise filter for an amazing TV watching experience. To reduce eye strain, the TV has been equipped with Eye Safe-T matrix technology. The auto channel search is a convenience feature with stereo sound for an added sound effect. Plus, the wall mount comes along with the model for free.

  1. LED-3221


Enjoy uninterrupted TV watching experience with LED 3221 by Intex at just Rs.23999. This 32-inch model has a wide screen with vibrant display of colours for a life like picture quality. Coupled with eye-safe viewing, the TV comes with Eye Safe-T Matrix technology, which eliminates lag, secures your vision and gives a faster response rate. Thus, it becomes safe for longer hours of entertainment.

Additionally, it has stereo sound effect system that will make the audio of your TV clearer and precise. Enjoy your favourite shows, downloads and more from external devices as this TV comes with 3 HDMI ports, a mini audio jack input and 2 USB slots.

  1. LED-3208


With Intex enjoy this 32-inch model at just Rs.21990 which comes with an HD panel for life like picture, mega dynamic contrast ratio for even picture quality, intelligent picture technology, and power efficient mode. Plus, it contains the signature brand features like Eye Safe-T Matrix technology that helps in long hours of viewing without straining your eyes much, stereo sound for that extra punch and digital noise reduction for distortion-free audio.

What makes this model even more amazing is the set-top box which gives you unlimited entertainment with free-to-air channels. With slim and sleek design, this model is one of the most affordable as well as feature-packed TV you will ever come across in the under 25K range.

  1. LED-3222


With this particular model-3222, you get a very finely orchestrated display. The technology involved here helps correct pixel orientation, allows least colour shift, enhances the graphics, and saves energy. It uses Over Driving Circuit (ODC) to reduce motion blur and ensure a faster and complete black-to-white transition.

It offers mega contrast ratio, flicker-free screen and a digital filter to remove excess noise and prevent picture distortion.

The speakers of this TV feature a high fidelity stereo sound and the Eye Safe-T matrix technology. The Eye Safe-T Matrix is an added benefit which helps to keep your eyes safe.

How to Pick One

While all the five-models mentioned here are the best ones in your budget, what would you do in case your budget increases or you can’t choose among these options?

In any case when you’re looking to choose a flat-screen model, here’s the list of things you should check and compare to get a better idea of the model that’s the best.

  • Contrast Ratio: the higher, the better
  • Motion Blur, specifically how each model deals with fast motion on the screen
  • Energy Usage
  • Total Expected Lifespan
  • Price
  • Screen Resolution
  • Input, Output and Wireless Connectivity Features
  • Refresh Rate

Intex offers a wide variety of Full HD LED televisions with many features. Some of the outstanding ones include its Eye Safe-T technology and power saver efficiency. Plus, the price varies for each model so that you can stay comfortable in your budget zone.