What You Need to Know About Your LED TV

What You Need to Know About Your LED TV

Whenever you reach an electronic store to buy a new appliance for your home, you may consider that salesman knows better than us, this is usually true but if you will be well versed about the product you want to buy then you can bring the best one with all relevant features for your home! Technology has evolved in recent era and the new LED television provides you eye soothing experience. It comes with light-emitting diodes instead of cathode fluorescent technology which enhances the brightness for a better viewing experience. They are light weighted as well as energy efficient as compared to other televisions. Here are few things you must know about the LED TV’s:

1. Choosing appropriate screen size for your room:

Buying Full HD LED TV for your family depends on two equally important factors: your budget and the size of the room. Your budget is deciding factor but still, if you want an immersive viewing experience, the size of your appliance should depend on how far you generally sit from the screen. If you want an optimal viewing experience a reliable factor to choose the best one’s size is its distance from sitting position. There is a simple formula for choosing television size, viewing distance divided by 3. For example, if you’re usually sitting 10 feet from the TV, that’s 120 inches (10 feet x 12 inches). Divide 120 by 3 and the recommended screen size for you is 40 inches.

Choosing appropriate screen size for your room


2. Safe vision:

Technology has evolved in recent years and a new version of television provide amazing picture quality but enhanced graphics can cause eye strain and fatigue. There are 2 common factors that cause eye strain while watching and they usually are- dark lightning and distance. We all watch our favorite movies in dark but it creates more force on the eyes to strain for viewing. Sitting distance between an individual and television is crucial, sitting near it can also cause eye strain. It is usually recommended to buy the one that comes with Eye Safe-T Matrix technology to have a safer viewing experience.

Safe vision


3. Power consumption:

Power consumption is another aspect of television that is now rarely considered by a buyer because of new advanced technology, but not all are power efficient. So it becomes an important factor to consider that the equipment you are buying is power efficient or not. This appliance usually accounts for 5% of home electrical usage. Consider an equipment that comes with power saving feature which consumes less and delivers more.

Power consumption


4. Higher refresh rates:

Refresh rate is how often television changes the frame on screen. Initial technology had 60 Hz or 60 times each second frame. Now it can be refreshed at much higher rates, most commonly 120Hz (120 frames per second) and 240Hz. Higher refresh rates on LED TV help to decrease the motion blur. While buying a new one you must consider the refresh rate for your convince.

Higher refresh rates


5. Sound quality matters:

After all the consideration, suppose you bought the equipment for your home but you have not considered the sound quality of it then your heavy shopping is not cost effective! A new era of televisions come with amazing sound quality but one must consider sound quality and not only focusing on the viewing experience. New TVs come with inbuilt speakers that provide amazing sound quality and this makes your work quite easy for not buying another set of speakers. Dolby Digital Plus features you will find in most of the new ones and this enhanced technology helps to provide clear and one of the best sound clarity.

Sound quality matters

Above are the points you must know or notice while you are buying a new television. If you are thinking to buy a new one then one the best domestically renowned brand Intex can be a good choice. They provide HD LED TV with amazing picture quality and feature like Eye Safe-T Matrix provides a soothing experience. It is both cost effective and power efficient appliance for your home!