Why Is a Smart TV a Smarter Choice for You

Why Is a Smart TV a Smarter Choice for You

Smart TVs came to our life and redefined status of idiot box as a smart appliance giving a blissful peek into the future of entertainment and introducing us to virtual reality. However, if you are not clear about what makes them a smarter choice over a simple LED or Full HD LED TVs then we are here to help you.

Let us see how this smart appliance is creating new goals in the connected reality we are living in and enhancing our experience of limitless entertainment.

  1. An Operating System, Making it Smart

Your simple TV is made smarter with the introduction of Android as their operating system and the quad-core processor with a high-output RAM. These features not only help you in equipping your TV with great applications but also make it an appliance that is capable of multi-tasking. Giving you access to more than 200 applications, it takes you to the world of endless opportunities, while you sit and luxuriate in your favorite chair!

An Operating System Making it Smart

  1. Going Wireless Opens Door to Live Entertainment

With the connectivity options like Ethernet and Wi-Fi, the smart TVs have opened the doors to the entertainment options you never had before. Breaking the conventional bonds of cable channel’s entertainment now you can go online and watch your favorite shows anytime with the services like VOD (Video On Demand) and also live streaming. The viewing possibilities are vast when your appliance is smarter.

Going Wireless Opens Door to Live Entertainment

  1. Access to Web and World with Easy Control

Connectivity via Wi-Fi and a very powerful operating system makes your Smart TV open to multiple opportunities like web surfing and social media access. These tasks can be completed with the help of either pre-installed applications or the web browsers. Making your experience even more hassle-free sometimes this smart appliance also features a smart and interactive remote control. These motion remote controls work as mouse works. You can move the remote and an arrow pointer will move simultaneously on the screen. You can click to select, discard, or play any service.

Access to Web and World with Easy Control

  1. Gaming Experience with Enhanced Brilliance

Smart TV is a gamer’s paradise with the 4K Ultra HD and wide screen displays they enhance the view of the interactive graphics of the games. Some of these also come with pre-loaded games giving you one more reason to fall in love with these. And as recommended by many gamers a Full HD LED TV is your best companion when you are about to raid enemy’s territory while playing Call of Duty. Excellent picture quality with no-motion blur and wide viewing angles are suitable for all type of gaming consoles, so you can experience the enhanced brilliance.

Gaming Experience with Enhanced Brilliance

  1. Syncing made Smart with Smart Gadgets

Freedom of connectivity is ensured with the added smartness to your TV and the gadgets in your hand. With the features like screen mirroring, Miracast, N-Screen etc. you can sync your smartphone with your smart appliance. Take control, view your files on the bigger screen or just stream your favorite songs and videos on it just with a tap on your phone’s screen. Your smart appliance promises you a fluid and immersive experience with greater ease.

Syncing made Smart with Smart Gadgets

In conclusion, we can say that the TV in your living room can be a stand-alone product to enjoy unlimited songs and movies with an ease like never before. Added features like live radio and streaming will give you an incomparable experience of futuristic technology. Do have a look at the wide series of smart TVs Intex has to offer and you won’t believe their products are integrated with all the goodness mentioned above. Their pre-loaded applications, OS and great services like media centers will definitely make you go gaga with joy. Get smarter with a smart choice!