10 Advantages of a Smartphone Over a Feature Phone

10 Advantages of a Smartphone Over a Feature Phone

Smartphones – A word that has changed the way how the world works. The technology has not just curbed the distance between people, but also eased our lives to a huge extent. From Social Media to Shopping we can do it all on our smartphones, which is not a possible if we use normal mobile phone. Let’s take a look at a few advantages of smartphone, we enjoy over feature phones:

1. A Mini Computer in Your Palms

A Smartphone is called ‘smart’ due to its capability to do more. Literally a mini computer, your smartphone gives you the liberty to check emails, make presentations, edit documents, edit photos and videos and do almost everything you can with a desktop. That’s a giant leap in the evolution of technology!

2. Apps for Every Task

Apps are synonymous to ease. We have an app for almost everything. Social media apps let us connect with all the dear ones (and some not so dear) spread across the globe with just a click. Shopping apps let us shop everything at one place without actually going anywhere. With travel apps, we have said goodbye to long queues at Railway stations and airports. Even our entertainment needs are well taken care of with music and video apps. Boredom is something we’re unaware of!

3. Go Easy Without Any Load

Mobile phones have replaced a lot of gadgets for us. With its functionality not at all limited to just calling, the device lets us do a lot more. From playing music, watching videos, taking pictures and sharing them, it has replaced music players, video players, cameras and so many other devices. If you’re out, all you need is a smartphone and you’re set for an adventure.

4. Read the Easy Way

Reading is one of the most popular hobbies and almost all of us love reading during our free time. The smart device helps us read on the go without a hassle. From reading news online to reading blogs and even novels, do it all with your little smart friend.

5. Free Calls and Messaging

Well, not exactly free, but you have to pay for the internet/wifi and you are all set. With texting and Voice call apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Hike etc, you can connect with anyone across the globe without paying a hefty service charge to your provider. All you need is a good internet connection. Smartphones have literally brought the world together in a nutshell with such apps. Stay connected!

6. Share all what you love

Sharing stuff can’t get any easier. There was a time when you needed computers, external devices, cables and a lot of patience to transfer files from one device to other. But hey! We’re in the smart era. Files can be transferred within seconds. Say hello to flawless convenience.

7. Navigate Your Way

A technology that has taken the world by storm is, Navigation. With Maps coming into play, traveling and navigating our ways have become way easier. Just enter the destination and you’re set. The best part? You even get to know the estimated time you’ll take to reach your destination, the busiest routes, real-time traffic updates and much more!

8. Stay Aware, Stay Updated

With the evolving technology, staying updated is much easier. With feature phones you could only stay connected to your loved ones through voice call but the smarter evolution has connected with the world. You get to know what’s happening around easily. From news of upcoming events and much more, all at your fingertips. With search engines, making our life easier, search and know about all what you want. Be it a Latin word you saw in your favorite movie or the nearest restaurant to satisfy your hunger.

9. Game on

Bigger screens, latest technology, easy controls and HD experience. What else do you need to play your favorite games? Smartphones have made gaming possible everywhere. Be it while traveling to work or killing time waiting, gaming is our way out thanks to the smart technology!

10. Add On To Your Style

One big motivation to buy smartphones is the style statement it makes. Manufacturers ensure that the looks of the device match the personality and ensures a feel good factor. With funky covers and decorative stuff coming into play, you can customize your phone as per your unique style!