10 Reasons why it's Beneficial for Your Kid to have a Phone

10 Reasons why it’s Beneficial for Your Kid to have a Phone

From a luxury to a necessity, the importance of mobile communication has changed over the period of time and it now seems to be an indispensable part of our life. From basic feature phones in the last decade to the revolutionary smartphones, technology has come a long way and we all depend on our mobile handsets for every little thing. But one question that has been a matter of concern to parents for quite a while now is that ‘Should kids be given a mobile?’ The answers may vary with parents speaking in favor or against it. Like everything else, technology has its own pros and cons. But are the cons strong enough to overshadow the pros? Here we list 10 good reasons why it’s okay for your kids to have a phone:

1. Location

Location has been one of the best and the most prominent feature why mobile phones became a necessity. One can be accessed even on the move and parents can stay updated about the whereabouts of the kids. If the kid is running late or is not at the expected location due to some reason, the kid can be reached easily by calling or messaging. Smartphones have made it easier to stay connected with children and ensure their whereabouts.

2. Navigation

Navigation has helped everyone alike. With the emergence of maps, one can easily reach the place they wish to. The navigation feature in the kid’s phone makes it easier for them to reach home if they are lost on their way. Navigation systems like Google maps enable users to save their commonly visited locations. Parents can set locations like home, school, tuition classes, etc so that in an unfortunate scenario the kids can navigate their way back or at least can ask people to help them with the way back home.

3. Homework

This is the most common excuse children give their parents to get a mobile phone. With the emergence of knowledge based apps and searching, the Internet is certainly a great problem solver and can help kids with their homework.

4. Photos and videos

This feature is loved by kids and adults alike. Capturing the moments and turning them into beautiful memories, is cherished by everyone. As per some child experts, photography can help develop a child’s interest in art and enhance their skills to look out for minor details.

5. Problem Solving

Time and again, there are situations and tasks where we feel stuck and need external help to do that. With the emergence of smartphones and active internet connections, solving problems has become easier. Even for kids, smart handsets have helped develop problem-solving skills with kids looking out for solutions on their own before asking for help.

6. Technology Skills

Technology has taken over all our actions and it’s very important to keep up the pace. Young minds are great learners and they can learn new things much faster. Introducing them to the benefits of technology at an early stage can help develop their interest and help open new arenas for them.

7. Security

Security is potentially the most important factor in providing the kids with a phone. A mobile device can help parents stay connected to the child at their ease and also makes it easier to trace the child in case of any mishap. The kids should be imparted with good knowledge as to how they can be alert and make the best of their mobile phones in an unwanted situation to avoid any danger. With proper training and discussions, the handheld devices can be a blessing!

8. Responsibility

Providing your child with a device like a smartphone enhances the responsibility factor. This also builds the trust factor and the kids feel that you trust them with something expensive. Kids can inform their parents about their whereabouts and this helps develop the mutual trust between parents and children.

9. Entertainment with Learning

Smartphones have changed the entertainment completely and we now have so much to stay engaged. It’s a fact that kids get bored easily. So to keep them busy, there are a lot of apps and games which not only kill time but also provide a new learning experience. Understanding the technological advancements amongst the kids, a lot of interactive apps are designed to enhance skills and make learning fun.

10. Social Communication

The trend of communicating with the world is on a rise with social platforms like Facebook and Twitter coming into play. These platforms are used to express personal views, detail our likes and dislikes and to communicate with peers and people all around the world. Connecting with the world easily through smartphones and getting to know it better is a great learning opportunity for kids and it definitely adds on to their personal growth.

It’s also possible that kids may also get attracted towards the cons of technology and can land themselves in trouble. Connecting with strangers on Social Media or getting exposed to content not meant for them are some of the potential threats according to parents. But these can be tackled with the right kind of information and education. Talking to kids about the negative side of mobile phone technology and explaining them how it can harm them would enable them understand it better. Technology is meant to take the world a step ahead and we all shall actively be a part of it.