10 Ways to Save your Mobile Phone’s Battery

10 Ways to Save your Mobile Phone’s Battery

We live or die by our smartphones. So when your device gives you the warning that it’s about to die, it’s terrifying! However, there are aspects of your phone that can be helpful to save on those last precious hours of your battery and we are glad to share them with you. Here are ten tips to make your battery last longer.

1. Low Lighting:

The number one tip to keep your mobile phone working longer is to dim the display lights. It is a fact that most of your battery life is spent on lighting up your screen! In daylight you can keep it running at half the max strength.

Low Lighting


2. Close Some Apps:

Shut down the stuff you don’t need. Take away apps that are killing the battery of your smartphone. Save yourself some charge and shut them off when you aren’t using them!

Close Some Apps


3. Shut Off Vibrate Mode:

Vibrations take up more charge than ringtones! While silent mode is definitely your friend in public places, it might also be killing the battery of your smartphone!

Shut Off Vibrate Mode


4. Minimise Notifications:

The more notifications you get, the more the battery of your smartphone is dying! Turn off notifications when you’re busy or for apps where it’s not essential. As an additional upside, you’ll get more work done without the distractions!

Minimise Notifications


5. Reduce Auto-Lock Time:

The time your screen spends being lit up after you’re done playing with it is also time it slowly leaks out charge. Turn it down to the lowest possible, and watch the lasting time of battery time increase!

Reduce Auto-Lock Time


6. Charge Correctly:

There are battery types that have reduced capacity every time you charge them. If you half-charge then you’re just wasting your battery! You might lose out on months or years of battery capacity!

Charge Correctly


7. Connectivity Features:

Live connectivity features like GPS and Location services as well as BT use up more battery of your phone than other apps. They don’t really go into standby mode and kill the battery! Just turn them off when you don’t need them.

Connectivity Features


8. Optimise Wallpapers and Themes:

The live features on your display are killing your performance and battery! Turn them off and enjoy a long and smooth battery life.

Optimise Wallpapers and Themes


9. Use Battery Saver:

Too confused by everything you have to turn off or change individually? Just use battery saver on your smartphone! It’ll stop apps until you really need to use them!

Use Battery Saver


10. Switch Off:

Switching off will save you quite a bit of charge. Take the time to enjoy your surroundings.

Switch Off

Please note that these simple tips to use your mobile phone smartly will help you save on time and those big bucks too! But still if you are not able to apply these tips in your life then only power banks can be your saviour. The one of the best brand with which you can go is Intex! Intex Power Banks come in the range of 2000 mAh to 20000 mAh and they are built with highly sophisticated technology. Designed to be compatible with any of your smartphone, cameras or tablets you can get more than three charges on average for your device.