5 Expected Features in Future Phones

5 Expected Features in Future Phones

Since the inception of mobile technology, we have seen a revolution every now and then. From bulky bodies to light weighted feature handsets, it was a thing of the time. The introduction of features like a torch and games in our handsets was a giant move and people started loving them all the more. The tables were turned drastically when smartphones hit the market. And now we are so addicted to our mobile buddy that a day without it is not even imaginable. We are so much in love with the smart technology that we keep talking about it and keep predicting what it holds for us in the future. So here are some of the features that are expected to hit the market and we can’t wait for them!

1. Augmented Reality

Not exactly the thing of the future, but Augmented Reality is yet to take over the smartphone industry. Still a concept partially under the covers, the AR Technology needs to be widespread. To elaborate on it a bit, Augmented Reality is a technology that helps to detect and display various things that are present in our vicinity on our mobiles. The user can open the camera in an AR app and get information about the surroundings. The technology makes it easier for us by accumulating the data of things we see in reality. The growth of the technology is largely dependent on Global Positioning System (GPS). The recognition accuracy is limited at present, hence the AR technology is not yet a part of regular lives. Once the set up gets strong, AR can revolutionize the way we look at things around.

2. Holographic Display

A sci-fi fantasy of all kids and adults alike, we have been drooling over Holographic displays since forever now. One of the best-used concepts in science fictions, Holographic displays now seem to be a part of our future phones with major players in the industry dropping subtle hints about it. How cool it would be to be able to do anything and everything on our smart devices with beams of light.

3. Flexible Body

One of the most awaited features is a flexible body of the handset. Just imagine wearing a smartphone on your wrist like a smartband or folding it into two. Seems totally fantastic, isn’t it? The concept is possible due to Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED). Another wonder that is in the pipeline due to OLED technology is that the visuals would be displayed on both sides of the screen. So it means you and your friend can enjoy videos while sitting opposite to each other too. Can you believe it? Well, this is what the future holds!

4. In-built Projectors

Don’t we just love watching movies on bigger screens? Sure, we do have televisions which can cast anything played on our phone screen, but they certainly miss the mobility factor. But how about watching your favorite shows, videos or movies on a screen bigger than the screen of your mobile device anytime, anywhere? This is what an in-built projector can do for you. Be it in a moving vehicle or in a camp night with friends, your visual experience can be amplified with a built-in projector. We’re hoping that the mobile phone companies make this thing of future a reality very soon!

5. Wireless Charging

We certainly have a wireless charging dock at present, but again the movement is restricted as the smartphone needs to be in physical contact with the dock. But if sources and conversations on the internet are to be believed, the industry is revolutionizing and trying to build a technology that can charge your handset’s battery without any wires or physical contact with the charger. All you need to do is stay in its range, just like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This shall be one of the best moves in the history of the mobile phone industry.

We hope you enjoyed reading about these features and just like us, you too are waiting to experience these features in your future phone!