5 Wonders You Can Do with Your Smartphone

5 Wonders You Can Do with Your Smartphone

Today we rely on our smartphones for a variety of things on daily basis. Whether we want to book a cab, order food online, stay in touch with friends, our mobile phones are always there to the rescue. This little wonder device helps efficiently in all of your ventures and it is a helping hand wherever it travels. Let us see what a smartphone can do for you that you as a user were not aware of:

1. Measure a distance

Redecorating the house or working on a house project, your smartphone will be there to assist you all the way. The device in your hand will be helping you with the measurement like never before.Size up is an app that will help you deal with this challenge in the blink of an eye. It has the ability to measure almost anything from the smartphone’s camera. It is quite simple to run the program, point the camera at the object and wait for the result, it will give you the value of the distance between you and the object.

2. Navigation is easier

Yes, you heard this right! Google maps is one the favorite application that is used for navigation. This can be quite useful when we are traveling to an area where mobile data connectivity is quite low. You will be pleased to know that the entire map data of any route can be downloaded on your phone. To get this: search for the location you are going to, and swipe up to see the card information of that area. Now download the entire map of the area where you are heading and you will be on your way without any hassle.

3. Don’t Manhandle your Phone Anymore

Were you aware that the latest android smartphones are magically active or they can be controlled just by hovering your hand over them? Yes, there are versions of androids with which you can control your device without touching it and all you need for this is a gesture control app and Google Voice Access 1.01 beta helps you to control your device with your voice. You can answer calls, launch music with just a wave of your hand.

4. Net or Not Stay on the Move

  • Edit your Documents
  • Google drive is one of the most popular cloud storage platforms. People save photos, videos, documents and more on Google drive. But did you know that the drive also lets you edit documents even when you are not connected to the internet. The document must be downloaded first before you can edit online.

  • Send Messages
  • We all are connected to Whatsapp for instant connection to our friends but we require an internet connection to work. There are some different application that allows users to exchange messages while their phone is in offline mode. Firechat is one of the few apps that don’t require internet to run as this application works with the help of Bluetooth.

  • Read Your Favorites anytime!
  • Many people kill time reading while they are commuting or waiting somewhere. You don’t have to connect to the world of internet to read your favorite articles. One of the renowned Pocket apps lets you read tons of articles from the internet you may not have had time for. Once you have the Pocket app installed, you can download and save articles you may want to read later on.

  • Entertainment Offline
  • One of the best things that a smartphone does during offline is listening to podcasts. This is by far one of the best time killing forms of entertainment available. All you have to do is find the right podcast app for you to use. Once you have one, then simply begin to download any of the podcasts you find fun or interesting. When gaining access to the internet again, the new podcasts will be downloaded automatically.

5. Drive with Safety in your Cell

Driving safe at night can be a quest and your smartphone can be a helping hand for you on this quest. An app known as Hudway App is your partner for this, it helps to project a GPS-enabled map on your windshield and the driving speed you need to drive on. You just need to adjust the brightness of your device so that the projection can be seen clearly on your windshield.

Intex smartphones are Android enabled and they can also help you in a smarter way. Latest features and the pre-installed apps of these devices are there to help you out. Our pocket friendly series of devices is making everyone’s dream of owning a smartphone come true with ease. So drive safe, navigate through the concrete jungle and entertain yourself anytime anywhere with just a touch.