6 Tips for Recording Better Videos with Your Smartphone

6 Tips for Recording Better Videos with Your Smartphone

Ever since humans came into existence, they always wanted to do something which makes them smart and stand apart from others. Even in the primitive age, they were in the competition to look for food more smartly. And as a matter of fact in any game, the trophy always goes to the smartest. Even while playing with technology, it’s not about making the most expensive choices; it’s more about the wisest decision and the smartest ways of using it. When we talk about a smartphone – we talk about its performance, screen, battery and most importantly camera. In the present age, our life would seem completely blank without high definition pictures and amazing videos, wouldn’t it?

You would not believe to know that a person has won international photography accolades with a picture clicked on a smartphone, but that is a fact. People are making short films, documentary movies and even feature films with that tiny little mobile phone on their palms. The phones we use are not just simple handheld devices anymore; nowadays it’s a smart buddy with the whole world within it. People shooting with their mobile phones and winning enormous amount of awards don’t possess any new talent; rather they just use some small little tricks.

So, what are those tricks which make them extraordinary and stand out of the crowd? Let’s have a quick glance at some of the proven tricks:

1. Place Camera in Horizontal Position, not Vertical

6 Tips for Recording Better Videos with Your Smartphone

Sometimes, it seems necessary to record something in vertical mode, which might look good for that instant, but when you play that on a bigger screen or monitor, you will regret your decision and realize how you wasted a lovely scene. So, the position of the camera lens of the mobile phone plays a critical role in what you record.

2. Stay Still and Avoid Jerks

6 Tips for Recording Better Videos with Your SmartphoneYou might find it difficult to think how you can keep that simple, slim and light device steady, but surprisingly, you can. You must hold the phone with both your hands and lock your elbows to your body while standing still on your feet in a balanced position. This will help you to use your body parts as a tripod and help you to record good quality videos without shaking.

3. See, Imagine and Set the Frames Accordingly6 Tips for Recording Better Videos with Your Smartphone                                                                                                   It’s not what you see that is always beautiful, it’s the way you present it. This is the trick every legendary cinematographer uses and that’s why we always wonder how a particular location can looks so amazing in a movie, but not in real. You must frame properly before shooting something on your mobile phone. Keep what is necessary and leave what is not. Nobody wants to see that unwanted cliff peeping into the frame. The best way to begin is by keeping the grid on while shooting.

4. Use Proper Lighting, neither too High, nor too Low

6 Tips for Recording Better Videos with Your Smartphone

Whether it’s a still photography, or videography, light plays the most important part. You must make the light work for you while shooting on your smartphone in a way as it is burning in the frame. It should never appear too low. Give a perfect exposure based on the way you want it to look. Let it be daylight or a tungsten bulb; you must see that the light is working enough for the frame you desire to shoot. Your phone camera might not have exposure sense, but your eyes certainly have.

5. Record in Multiple Shots, not just One

6 Tips for Recording Better Videos with Your Smartphone

You must be wondering what’s the harm in shooting a single clip instead? You are right, there’s no harm, but recording multiple small clips from your mobile phone would always turns out to be better than one clip. It will help you to decide what minute details you might want to keep and what all you want to skip. Editing and mixing after recording is always a better option than trimming all your hard work from the scratch.

6. Use Manual Settings6 Tips for Recording Better Videos with Your Smartphone

The wide range of smartphones available in the market offer automatic settings for our ease, but when you want to record videos like a professional cinematographer, you must start practicing with the manual exposure and focus settings. While shooting in automatic mode, the camera might change the focus and exposure which will affect the film. So it’s better to switch to manual settings and keep it locked.

So, it’s your turn to record videos with your smartphone like a pro. These tips must have given you enough confidence to make a flawless recording which would grab everyone’s attention. If you’re looking for the best camera smartphones for your next video venture, look no further! The wide range from Intex caters to your love for cameras and helps create videos to capture best of your moments.