6 Ways to Break Bad Smartphones Habits

6 Ways to Break Bad Smartphones Habits

Have you also heard about memes and jokes like – the group member who is busy with his or her phone will have to pay the restaurant bill? Ever thought why such memes or jokes gain so much attention or become popular? The reason basically lies in the stark reality of this situation. People are so engrossed in their smartphones that they have even forgotten to spend quality time with family and friends. This shows rudeness towards the people you are sitting with. But mobile phones have become an addiction nowadays, an addiction which has proved difficult to break. Everyone unlocks their device almost twice a minute and keeps staring at them to see if there is any message. These habits tend to make feel others feel unwanted around you. Here are a few ways to break bad smartphone habits. Follow them to get rid of this addiction.

1. Avoid multitasking

Avoid multitasking

People are seen busy with their mobile phones everywhere, whether they are in a gym or in a shopping mall, with friends or family, in a meeting or with colleagues. Stop scrolling through your Facebook feed every minute. Try to keep your device on silent or vibrating mode. Concentrate on the work you are into and do one thing at a time. This will help you do your work with efficiency and accuracy. You can also turn it off or put it on flight mode if you cannot stop using it.

2. Prioritize your work

Prioritize your work

Set priorities for your work. Make a list of important tasks and try not to use your smartphone while you are working on your list. Using phone while working distracts your mind and doesn’t let it function properly. So make it a point to note it till you are done with your work list.

3. Stay professional

Stay professional

Everyone knows that you should never mix your professional life with your personal life, but your mobile phone doesn’t let you do that. You get so much engrossed with it that you forget you are in your office or at a workplace. You take up calls and start your personal discussions without even noticing that the people sitting around you are listening to everything. The best way to avoid this is to either not take calls while sitting with everyone or if the call is that important that it cannot be ignored – find a vacant room and go there to take the call so that your personal conversations are not overheard. Smartphones also provide you with an option to send a message while disconnecting the call, so that the caller can be informed about the situation you are in.

4. Be mature 

Be mature

Yes! Don’t try to overreact or yell on the call when you are around other people. This gives a very wrong impression to the person who is with you and also to the one who is on the call. Don’t make someone else the target of your anger. Transferring your mood onto another person doesn’t reflect maturity. So, act maturely. Try to avoid taking calls or replying to any message or email when your mood is upset.

5. Keep on vibration mode

Keep on vibration mode

Silent and vibration features are given in every phone. And this feature must be used while in any meeting. You can make a judicial use of vibration mode or silent mode while sitting with co-workers or spending some quality time with family or friends.This will ensure that you are not distracted every other second with social media or other kinds of notifications.

6. Follow driving rules

Follow driving rules

We have generally heard people saying rules are meant to be broken. No, that’s wrong. Rules are meant for our safety and your safety is in your hand. Be a responsible driver and avoid using your mobile phone in any aspect while you driving. No call, email or message is as important as your life. Don’t play with it. Set your phone aside while you are driving. No compromise at this time. If you need to carry out an urgent conversation, do make sure that you park your car at a side-line and then talk.

All the points mentioned above can prove to be a milestone in making a major change in your life. You must be thinking of a few of these bad habits which you also suffer from. Now, no need to worry about how to get rid of these as by following the above mentioned points, one can easily break away from bad smartphone habits.