7 Tips to Choose the Best Smartphone

7 Tips To Choose The Best Smartphone

Smartphones- A technology that has changed the way we live. Catering to all our needs, our mobile phone defines our own selves. Be it entertainment, be it shopping, be it social media or be it booking our movie tickets, our smartphone does it all for us. We all have a huge list of things for which we depend on our smartphone and they get done in a jiffy. So now the big question arises, what are the features we should look out for while choosing our smartphones. Here we bring you the top criteria to choose the best smartphone catering to your needs and helping you make the right choice.

1. Tech features

It’s very important for us to know the technical features of our phone because these are the factors that decide the performance of our smartphones. It’s very important to have a good processor along with a well-suited RAM and the latest version of Android. Though the most recent version of Android is Nougat 7 but a smartphone with Android Marshmallow is good too! For gamers and multitaskers, a smartphone with good processor and RAM plays a vital role since these features prevent lag and enhance the smooth functioning of the device.

2. Camera

In the world full of selfies and candid moments, a mobile phone with a supreme camera is probably what everyone loves. The smartphone camera has helped us create memories and also save them to be lived at our ease. With the extensive use of social platforms, the camera needs have increased many folds. Since our mobile is with us almost every time, it’s essential for the device to be able to capture the moment as it happens. With a wide range of camera options available from 2 MP to 13 MP or more, choose the device in accordance with your love for photography.

3. Display

The Display is a huge deciding factor for many as video buffs and gaming enthusiasts go for a bigger screen with high-resolution and HD/Full HD display. Even though a high-resolution is a choice for a majority of the people, the size of the display can be a question for many. Certain people feel that a big display size can be a problem while carrying the mobile and marks a question on the compatibility factor. So the display size is for you to decide as per your preference. But do keep in mind that high-quality glass protections like Gorilla Glass or Dragon trail are strongly recommended.

4. Memory

We all love to carry all our favorite stuff in our mobile. Be it the huge picture collection or an elaborated playlist catering to our different moods. But at times memory can be a blooper. If you are a person who loves to carry all his stuff on the go, a mobile with good ROM and expandable space is recommended. Also, a fact which people fail to understand is that the ROM of a device is also used by the Operating System (OS) and the inbuilt apps. So don’t get shocked if your 16 GB mobile shows only 11-12 GB space to keep your stuff. You can always go for smartphones that are compatible with external memory of 128 GB or even more.

5. Battery
Goes without saying that battery is a very important deciding factor for all of us since we all spend a majority of our time on our mobile phone. Keeping in mind our usage, type of usage and the charging options, we need to decide our smartphone. People who use a lot of apps, play games for a longer duration or always up for music or video watching can face low battery issues. In case of battery, it’s always recommended, ‘the bigger the better’.

6. SIM

The number of SIMs your smartphone can accommodate is also an important criterion while buying a mobile. Though a few smartphones boast of 3 SIM slots but the best performing and widely accepted are Dual SIM smartphones. This gives the user a better choice as they can select the service providers and the plans according to their usage. Also, a 3G or 4G SIM compatible phone is highly recommended for the Internet Generation as we need a high-speed internet rolling to keep in touch with our world online.

7. Price

The most important factor when it comes to buying a smartphone is the price and value for money. While there are some pretty expensive handsets available in the market, the leading smartphone brand of the nation, Intex, believes in providing the best technology at the most affordable price so that the users can have a better experience, without shedding a lot from their pockets.

Whatever may be your preference or budget, Intex is a smartphone brand that caters to all your needs. Best smartphone at a pocket-friendly price is what defines Intex aptly. So check out the wide variety of amazing smartphones provided by Intex that suits everyone’s need and pick the one that defines you the best!