7 Ways to use Your Smartphone Camera to be more Productive

7 Ways to use Your Smartphone Camera to be more Productive

Smartphones are like one of an integral part of our daily life. Our each and every work is somehow dependent on our phones. And the most used feature of a mobile is the camera, today every next search on Google is the best camera smartphone. Our Indian youth is becoming more photo maniac and photography is becoming the passion of every second person in India. Here we are going to tell you that the mobile phone is not only for taking photographs, it can be used as a 24×7 assistant for you, let’s find out what all it can do for you!

As a scanner: Some people still don’t know that their mobile camera can do the scanning. Yes! You can scan documents with your smartphone. There is some application present on Google Play which makes your handset a document scanner through which, you can easily scan your important documents on your mobile phone without going to some scanning shop.

For reading barcodes: Your phone camera can be used for reading barcodes too. There are various applications where you need to scan the barcode e.g. online marketing sites, banking sites, etc. price comparing is also done by comparing the barcodes.

For keeping a record of your personal documents: We always prefer to carry our personal documents with us wherever we go, it’s a bit difficult. Your personal identity cards, driving license, Aadhar card, etc. are the most important documents so; keep their backup by taking their snaps in your phone. Using this technique, we can be safe from any uncertainties and carrying a backup in our smartphone is easier than carrying bulky paper documents.

To remember the details: We always face problems during remembering something it might be some landmark, some breaking news, or something else so, the best way to remember is taking snaps of those things and store them on your phone. So, that whenever you need it you don’t have to open your daily diary, just take out your mobile phone and get all the information you need.

Use images rather than text: There are many proverbs that a picture speaks more than words. Sometimes during a conversation, the other one asks you about what  you are doing and suppose you are cooking some dish so rather than replying in text you can take an image of the dish and send it to them So, in place of using texts to explain something, it will be very easy to send images.

Save paper use camera: This may sound a little odd to you, but it’s true. We should replace the hard copies with the soft copy. Using paper for everything may be very lengthy to find something and carrying it also hectic sometimes. So, just take images of documents and save them in your mobile phone’s gallery, it would be very convenient for you.

Video chat: Video is an essential part of a camera. When we are in some clubs doing a party or enjoying, some rock concerts the very first thing we do is to make a video so, instead of using a webcam for shooting videos you can use some of the best camera mobile phones of Intex for recording your important parties, functions and all the memorable moments.

That was all through which you can make your phone more productive. And for all this, you need a good camera mobile phone whose image clarity and resolution are very good. Intex is a well-known brand for introducing best smartphone camera at a very budget friendly price. Intex technology is very keen on its image clarity; resolution, stability etc. so, choose your one without any hesitation.