8 Innovative Ways to Use Your Smartphone

8 Innovative Ways to Use Your Smartphone

Thinking about innovations, the first thing that pops up in our minds is the smartphone and various technologies related to it. Ever since the emergence of smartphones, our lives have become easier and all what we wish to do can be done by a simple touch. But the smartphone technology never seems to take a break and the industry keeps on surprising us with pleasant and awe-inspiring features and apps. Let’s have a look at some of these innovative ways to use our smartphones:

1. Travel Guide
When it comes to finding a destination in a new city, it’s not that easy. But with a Smartphone on your side, traveling gets way too easy. The features like GPS, Navigation, Locator and Distance calculator helps in discovering the city very easily and deeply as well. The traffic informer saves your precious time by updating you about the traffic flow. The app is in-built in various smartphones, which even informs about the famous landmarks in that area.

2. Stage for Karaoke
They seem to be the perfect partner for a karaoke night. There are many amazing apps to help you organize the best karaoke night, by letting you access the popular hits, old hits and the evergreen songs. These apps have songs organized into different genres suiting the taste and choice of the masses. You can also save the songs offline and enjoy music when you can’t access the internet.

3. Drawing Buddy
Due to unpredictable schedule, carrying all the desired pieces of equipment is an impossible task. These mobile phones are a saver in such a situation as there are many apps that allow you to draw, sketch and paint. There are features that allow spray painting, editing and adding elements to your pictures, create virtual greeting cards and much more. For some people, it may be a great way to pass time but for some creative souls, it may be a gateway to a new world.

4. Health Manager
We are even privileged with apps that inform you beforehand regarding upcoming monthly medical examination dates, increased sugar levels, heart beats, cholesterol levels and various mineral imbalances. The regular health apps let us follow our daily health routine by keeping a track of steps taken, calories intake, calorie burnt, sleep monitoring etc.

5. Electronic Police
They definitely take away the biggest pressure from the shoulders by being the eyes in the house from the workplace. They give us the freedom of securing our homes and loved ones, even when we are not around. The availability of live security footage has helped many in the past and sure will help in the future as well.

6. A Pilot for Drone
The introduction of the drone was made for the Army use which helped them keep a better check and have a wider view. With technology revolutionizing our sources of entertainment, drones became a fun toy for kids and adults alike! There are various types of drones available in the market for the common people. These drones work through an app and usually have a portable camera fitted in. One can use it to have a better view, cover events with precision or simply capture the surroundings. These apps are user friendly and easy to understand, hence making it easier for everyone to play with the drones!

7. Controller
It feels like heaven while walking in a cold room after fighting with the deadly heat these days. This has been proved to be the best feature of the Android Smartphone. The controller keeps a check on the running appliances and informs you about the same. Some of the apps don’t just limit themselves to switching the appliances on and off but also makes suggestions on how to use electricity judicially that can help reduce power consumption and increase money saved!

8. Scanner and Barcode Reader
One of the most attractive highlights in the latest smartphone is the system of barcode reading and scanning. One can scan the important documents and save it in drives online as well as offline. A barcode contains consolidated information about the product and can be useful in determining specifications of the same.

These are just the top few uses of smartphones. With an app for almost everything we do or wish to do, the technical advancements have changed the way we used our phones.

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