Beautify Your Pics with Simple Tricks

Beautify Your Pics with Simple Tricks

Pictures we take with our smartphone are usually posted on social media and it adds to the pressure of looking good 24/7. However, looking stunning and beautiful all the time is quite impossible. Earlier when this device was missing from our lives, clicking pictures was a labor-intensive work and let’s not even talk about the filters. But thanks to our mobile devices and inbuilt editing apps we can click our pictures in nanoseconds and beautify them instantly. New editing inbuilt apps are helping us to be photo ready anytime anywhere. We don’t take photographs, we create them. This is true for every picture lover who desires to look beautiful and astonishing while they are being clicked. As the technology is improving so are the phones in our hand.

Intex’s Elyt Dual smartphone is trying to bring some revolutionary changes in the same notion. This brand new device from the technological giant comes with the face beautifying feature which is designed to make your pictures look more beautiful and amazing.

1. Leave a mark with no scar:

Pictures you click are the collection of memories you don’t want to lose and to enhance the beauty of those memories the Dermabrasion feature of ELYT Dual smartphone is here! Update your social media profiles every day with great pictures using it. This feature helps to remove the fine lines, acne scars, and uneven texture of your skin so that you can look selfie-ready every time you click a picture. This feature comes with a scale using which you can give the perfect touch up to your pictures.

Leave a mark with no scar


2. Beauty reflects from the eyes:

Eyes are the mirror of the soul and would you miss the chance of beautifying them? We usually depend on different filters to enhance our pictures but now the camera in the smartphone itself will help you to click great pictures. Giving your eyes a touch of magic and making them more beautiful than ever is the Enlarge Eye feature in this device. It will help you amplify the beauty of your picture with just one click. With the scale from 0 to 5, you can get your desired look.

Beauty reflects from the eyes


3. Even the tone which you want:

You are picture perfect naturally but sometimes the lighting and the atmosphere around you can play foul to dampen your looks. So a coping mechanism for bad selfies was created by Intex in their all-new dual camera smartphone. The process of beautifying your pictures using a complexion option gives your skin an even tone and a better complexion. It can be used on the basis of scale that also ranges from 0 to 5 and helps you in creating a charming picture out of an ordinary picture.

Even the tone which you want


4. Toned face, Toned you!:

We do understand the pressure you have to bear when you are on the social media channels, the constant pressure to look good, presentable and attractive all the time. A solution to your need for the perfect selfie is the face beautify feature of ELYT Dual smartphone. The slim face option of this feature helps to tone your face and give it slimmer and more beautiful look with just one command. Believe us this device is more than just a phone, it is your selfie partner for which you have been craving for so long. So the perfect selfie is just a click away!

Toned face, Toned you!

The conclusion which we can draw after all this is that finally there is a perfect selfie camera smartphone to satiate your craving for those flawless selfies at last. The dual front cameras of 8 and 2 megapixels with auto-focus and flash make this smartphone enticing on a whole new great level. We have striven to give you the best of selfies with our all new ELYT Dual Smartphone.