Common Camera Modes

Common Camera Modes to Improve Your Photography

We are living in the era where convergence is everywhere. Initially, users have to buy different gadgets for different purposes like, a camera for capturing pictures, MP3 for listening to music and cell phone was just for attending calls; but as technology evolved, most of the features of a digital cameras are nowadays found in the smartphone camera. These cameras are quite advanced but to click a perfect picture you must be aware of the inbuilt modes that can enhance the output.

1. Auto mode: Focus on what matters

Smartphones have now become an easy way to click pictures and with new technological advancements, we can expect a good quality picture. Smartphone cameras can provide advanced and exotic pictures if you know about the inbuilt features and modes. One of the best features in our smartphone is the Auto mode.  It is quite preferable to click pictures using auto mode because it gives a sharper focus on the subject as this mode selects the best combination of Exposure, Aperture and ISO that can click a perfect picture.

Auto mode: Focus on what matters2. Create a perfect image in one shot

Your travel stories become lifetime memories when you are able to capture the moments perfectly. Panoramic images of stunning landscapes always look marvelous and you will be able to take photos if you know how to use panorama with your smartphone.  When we take a standard picture we have to position ourselves to take the advantage of the best light source and camera will do the rest, but with panoramic photography, light changes with each composite snap, especially if the light is quite low.It can also capture the wide-angle images which we cannot capture in any other mode.

Create a perfect image in one shot

 3. Burst mode: Pick the right one

We all are not the best photographer to take the best picture in just one click. We may click picture twice or thrice to get a perfect shot. This is time-consuming because we have to focus again on the subject to click the best picture; so what can be a relevant solution? The burst mode on your Android mobile phone is made for this only. If you don’t trust your photography skills, don’t worry, click with the burst mode that takes several shots at once and after taking multiple pictures you can choose the winner and delete the unwanted ones. Helping you to get the best shot!

Burst mode: Pick the right one4. Happy snaps even in dark night

Clicking images in low light is quite difficult and we hardly ever consider if there is an inbuilt feature on our mobile phone. We usually click the picture with flash in the night but it hardly provides the quality picture that we require. Smartphone flashes are surprisingly good but they are not a magical cure for night time photos.  Night shot is an inbuilt feature in the android devices that cure most of the problem by clicking brighter pictures even in low light exposure.

Happy snaps even in dark nightAbove are the camera modes that will not only enhance your photo but will also fetch you more likes when you post your picture on different social media platforms. Intex is one of the domestically renowned brands provides all the above-mentioned inbuilt features in their latest Elyt Dual smartphone,exclusively designed for the purpose of photography. This device is made perfect with the inclusion of dual selfie cameras and that too on a cost-effective price. It is a perfect choice for all the lovers of photography out there!