Experience the Might and Majesty of the new Aqua Lions 3 from the House of Intex

Experience the Might and Majesty of the new Aqua Lions-3 from the House of Intex

A lion’s roar becomes louder when he craves for best, Intex technologies one of the leading domestic handset manufacturers has launched a powerful device – its new tough and stylish 4G VoLTE phone – Aqua Lions-3. Collaborating with SwiftKey by Microsoft, Intex is creating a new step towards a victory with the smart keyboard which will make the typing of 22 Indian languages simple and clear. The charisma of this newly launched Intex Aqua Lions-3 smartphone is gaining popularity among the users with its sleek and slim look.

What happens when two of the most powerful creatures – lion and dragon combine together? They will be highly regarded and create the best output, same goes with the Aqua Lions which comes with a DragonTrail glass cover that amplifies your screen protection. The 4G VoLTE smartphone comes with a 5-inch HD IPS OnCell display supported with a 2.5D curved glass giving it a smooth touch & swing experience along with a superior and graceful look. The display is well shielded with the DragonTrail glass, one of the best for protection and sturdy usage. The device is powered by a 1.25GHz Quad-core processor and 2GB RAM, which will always keep the phone’s performance high while playing high-end games, watching videos and multitasking. The device is also powered by a powerful 4000mAh Li-Ion battery.

SwiftKey is one of the easiest keyboards for typing in a mixture of languages, with its support for 22 major Indian languages, Hinglish, and over 180 international languages. The Aqua Lions boasts of this amazing keyboard which provides emoji prediction in 13 Indian languages, which helps the user to get more expressive and creative. One of the most creative features of SwiftKey is that it comes with 100 free themes and layouts that also include Indian content. The smart keyboard for your smartphone uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically learn your writing style and suggest auto-corrections and word predictions to enhance your writing experience. It is ideal for multilingual people, which means that it can type different languages at the same time, including (Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil and international language). It is beneficial for typing different Indian script languages and English at the same time, which includes (Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu). It is the best for scripts with keyboard layouts that adapt as you type (22 languages).