Go on Great New Adventures Using VR Technology with Your Smartphone

Go on Great New Adventures Using VR Technology with Your Smartphone

You have heard about virtual reality, right? The 360-degree viewing functionality which can take you anywhere in the world, by merely putting on a headset over your eyes, is indeed the realization of a futuristic idea. However, this is the question we all seem to be asking these days, should you buy a VR headset if an Android smartphone can mimic it just as well?

The early immersive experience was headset-specific. But, that’s not the case anymore. There are enough budget-friendly options present these days to turn a mobile phone into a tool for consuming digital content without inflicting a hole on your wallet.

A Smartphone That Lets You Run Virtual Content Smoothly

Here’s what you are looking for:

  • An internal compass
  • Magnetic field sensor
  • A gyroscope sensor
  • An NFC, although it is an optional feature

Add to that a big enough screen, about 5.5 inches or so, and a 720p screen resolution for most effective display. Go for ample internal storage, 16 GB or more, and an expandable external one, the bigger, the better. And, if the mobile phone has decent cameras, and you can find one with a front flash as well, you’ll be able to capture content and turn it into virtual videos.

The Intex Aqua 5.5 VR Plus smartphone is one of the best phones in this category, and has every feature mentioned above. However, in case you want to explore more, you can check if your phone supports the immersive tech by either using any third-party online checker tool or viewing 360-degree videos on YouTube.

How to Pick Your Adventures: Browse the World of Immersive Content

On the play store on your Android smartphone, search for VR apps. You’ll find them in different genres, all exhibiting a variety of content, from life in space and underwater to latest news footage from places like Syria and Oymyakon, Russia.

If you’re looking for unique content, here’s what we suggest:

  • Google cardboard app– It’s free, lets you play local content on your device, view Google Earth, and access games and videos from its directory
  • Expeditions– It’s free, and has over 200 excursions stored online, including landmarks, water forms, and specific destinations
  • Titans of Space– It lets you roam around our solar system for free and offers voice narration at a premium subscription of INR 200
  • The New York Times app– You can view every story as a 360-degree video, and the NYT releases special but short programs for the app like ‘Under the Cracked Sea’ which showcases life under the ice.

If you’re a lover of games and want an even better, inclusive feel of those applications, here are some of the best apps for you.

  • Minos Starfighter– You’re in a cockpit. The outer space is riddled with enemies. This space shooting war gets intense with every level you pass.
  • A Chair In a Room– It’s a multi-hour stroll through a terrifyingly dark undertone. The settings morph into the area of your physical play space, lets you pace around, and experience a tingling horror in a game that focuses on subjects like mental health. It’ll stay with you.
  • Need for Jump– This one is an entertaining time killer. You move your head around to pace in the game and collect coins.
  • Voxel Fly– This endless running game lets you feel the thrill and the wind, as you fly through the traffic, avoid obstacles, and get as far as you can while feeling every bit of the run.

Live events viewed with immersive technology are slowly becoming a trend. Soon, you’ll be able to watch football broadcasts, international cricket matches, music shows, etc. in real time on your smartphone easily.

But of course, Your Phone Needs Assistance

Your phone goes inside a cardboard. You wear it to ensure that your attention stays fixed on the video while you remain free to move around.

It’s a piece of gear, made from different kinds of stuff, and available online from anywhere between INR 600 and INR 9000. But, you can DIY one for yourself with a bit of work and a simple tutorial video search on YouTube.

Try It for Yourself

An immersive experience of events without ever having to attend the real thing- that’s the future we’re all looking forward to. However, do keep in mind that whichever phone you pick for the act, it should be up to the mark.

Intex offers some of the best smartphones in the category that makes sure to give you the best entertainment and a hassle free connectivity. However, whenever you set out to buy a 4G smartphone, keep in mind that they should have magnetic sensors, gyroscope sensors, NFC, as well as cardboard suitability for virtual content to run without any hindrances.