How to Take Care of Your Mobile Phone During Rainy Season

How to Take Care of Your Mobile Phone During Rainy Season

So, the monsoon is here to stay for a few more weeks. And as you step out, if it suddenly pours, the first thing you panic about is your 4G Smartphone. “How on earth am I going to keep it dry?” Don’t worry. Read these six simple inexpensive solutions to keep your latest Smartphone safe and dry.

1. Switch Off


If you have no other option but to go out in the heavy rain, first and foremost, switch off your Smartphone. If possible, remove the battery. It helps because, after turning off, if your phone still gets wet, you only have to wipe it dry, insert the battery, and turn it on without any worry.

2. Sync your data

Even before switching off, it is better to sync your data to your cloud accounts to create a backup. In the worst case, at least your data is safe.

3. Store with Silica gel

You would not have paid attention to those small sachets of silica gel that come in the new parcel boxes with a “poison” warning. Henceforth, save them, preferably in a zip lock. Every time you step out in the rain, pack your Smartphone in this zip lock bag. While the bag prevents your phone from getting wet, the gel will keep your phone dry.

4. Invest in a good headphone

Invest-in-a-good-headphoneIf you are already working on the zip lock idea, then you could easily use your Intex Headphone in the rain. Just place your Smartphone in a zip lock bag, and you are set to go! Listen to calls and music on your headphone.

5. Spend on a Waterproof cover


Go for water resistant mobile cover during monsoon season. They are a good investment to safeguard your phone from water during Rainy days.

Well, despite all these, your latest smartphone has got wet? Read on to find out how to dry your mobile phone.

6. Do NOT Turn On Your Phone

Do-NOT-Turn-On-Your-PhoneAt any cost, do not turn on a wet phone as it may create a short circuit and damage core components of the handset. Remove the battery, all the SIM cards, microSD card, etc. and wrap them separately in tissues or a clean cloth. Now try to dry the skeleton phone by wiping it. If you still suspect that there could be some moisture left, either place it for a few hours in a box full of uncooked rice or in a dry place under indirect sunlight near your window. Or you could try the silica gel option. Still no luck? Then take your Smartphone to the nearest Intex Mobile Service Station. Good Luck!