Know the Best Way to Keep yourself Healthy Using your Smartphone

Know the Best Way to Keep yourself Healthy Using your Smartphone

‘A healthy mind lives in a healthy body’ we all have heard this quote earlier in our life as well but we hardly execute it. Being healthy involves making choices, and you will be glad to know that the technological wonder in your palm can be very helpful in the same.  Yes, there are many things you can do using your android smartphone and being healthy is one of them. Here are 4 popular apps that can help you to stay healthy and active with the help of your favorite smartphone.

1. Stay hydrated

When it comes to staying healthy much of the focus goes towards what you eat. However, our bodies need water more than food. Water Your Body is an app that can help you remember to stay hydrated. The app calculates how much water you should consume based on how much you weigh, provides you daily reminders, and lets you manually log your drinks on your mobile phone.

2. Improve your health and nutrition information

Think of Runtastic Health Myths & Facts as a digital pocket guide which is available on your phone filled with tidbits of knowledge. The experience isn’t built around just by searching facts, but it’s easy to come with the help of useful factoids, tests and quizzes.  Do you regularly use spices in your cooking? Want to shop for healthier food? The Runtastic app can increase your background knowledge in all of these areas and leave you better informed to make healthy choices.  You can download this app from Google play store for free on your smartphone.

3. Stick to your diet

Higher metabolism helps you to digest your food with ease and helps your weight to remain under control. In today’s generation where fast food has become a trend, most of the people have a quite moderate metabolism and weight control is a becoming a pressing issue. To be honest, going on a special diet alone won’t help because it is easy to relapse afterward. There are numerous Android apps available on your phone to log your meals and calorie intakes. Many apps can even automatically pull up nutritional information for the items in your fridge. Making a dietary change and sticking to it is difficult enough, so there is no shame in letting an app help you out. Calorie Counter from MyFitnessPal has over 10,000,000 installs and it is one of the most popular dietary apps on the play store. You can easily download this app on any smartphone and maintain your weight.

4. Track your every fitness move

You don’t need to strap an activity tracker to your wrist to keep up with your steps your smartphone can help you in that.  Google Fit is an app that keeps a check on your movements. There is no shortage of alternative apps available for people who use a smartphone and don’t want to give this information to Google. One such option is a Digital Pedometer from Noom. It lets you set your own goals and connect with friends to encourage one another. You can even take things to the next level with Map My Walk, which creates a map of your trips. It shows where you went, how far you traveled, and how fast you were moving along the way. Joggers can do the same with RunKeeper. Regular bikers and folks looking to start may find just the encouragement they need in an app that can log their trips, monitor their calories burned, and time how long they take. Instead of Map My Walk, check out Map My Ride.

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