Make Your Selfies Stand Out with these Top Features

Make Your Selfies Stand Out with these Top Features

With the launch of our first ‘dual selfie camera’ smartphone, we have tried to accomplish all the demands of a selfie and photography loving generation at a super affordable price. But, what makes this brand new model a complete package for all the selfie lovers is the introduction of few new photography effects. The dual camera and effects will surely change your picture into a perfect picture. Let us see what these effects are and how they will make you a champion in the art of clicking pictures.

1. Bokeh Effect: Focus on what you want!

Normally this effect can be created by the manual focusing of lenses in professional cameras or DSLR cameras but with this amazing mobile phone, you will be able to create this effect without any professional help. This effect is also known as the real-time Bokeh effect, with this effect you can focus on either the background or the foreground. This effect can also be attained in the picture after capturing it. So now focus on the things that really matter.

Bokeh Effect Focus on what you want


2. Background Change Effect: Change the Pic to Epic!

A brand new feature of Background Change has been introduced in this dual selfie camera smartphone. This effect helps you to transform the background of your image into something that you like. You can go crazy with your creativity while using this effect. This enables a clear extraction of the object and you can edit the background or the foreground afterwards.You can use this awesome effect while clicking a selfie with the Intex Elyt Dual. Create a your picture with supreme ease.

Background Change Effect Change the Pic to Epic


3. Beautifying Your Picture: Create your Favorite Selfie!

No more photoshop, no more additional applications to beautify your pictures will be required when you will have Intex ELYT dual in your hand. With the introduction of features like dermabrasion, complexion, enlarge eyes and slim face you can recreate the magic in your pics easily. These features are specially designed to give your photographs a naturally beautiful look without making it look artificial. The scale of these features lies from 0 to 5, so that you can adjust the filter according to your need.

Beautifying Your Picture Create your Favorite Selfie

These camera modes are introduced to capture the best of the photos and giving you the power of capturing yourself like a professional with Intex Elyt Dual smartphone. These effects and modes give you the power to capture most fantastic pictures so much so that you can create the most beautiful memories ever with just a simple click. You can use your creativity while capturing any moment with this device while clicking a selfie or photography of the scenery. You can be the collector of unique and magnificent memories every time with this phone.