Things You Should Know about Pre-Installed App on Your Smartphone

Things You Should Know about Pre-Installed Apps on Your Smartphone

Whenever you buy a new Smartphone, you must have encountered at least a few of the built in apps that came with it. These are known as Pre-Installed Software or Pre-Installed Apps. They are installed and licensed by the original manufacturer while designing the device. Most Android mobile phones require these software in order to function properly and as intended.

Types of Pre-Installed Apps

There are 3 types of pre-installed apps on Android devices. They are:

1. Google Apps:

Because Android devices are basically backed by Google, the manufacturers are bound to follow certain rules and terms while producing a new version of Android Smartphones. Among these rules and terms is the necessity to include several of the Google apps in the device as well.

2. Core Module Apps:

Then come, the core apps of the mobile phone. Such software are also built in, however, they are very essential for the device to function. They are more like permanent apps that cannot be removed and trying to remove them can lead to serious functional issues.

3. Native Apps:

Native apps of any operating system are the bundled software that goes with it in every compatible device. These apps include software that helps in the system functions. Native apps usually have permission to access different aspects of your smartphone such as camera, contact list, location etc.

Essential Pre Installed Apps

Pre-installed software are useful for your smartphone to work. Some manufacturers use software and hardware bundled together as something known as a “turnkey solution”. Such apps are licensed to be used only on the devices they are built on and can’t be transferred to others. These usually consume a part of the available storage space and can modify or replace the default system setting in order to advertise their particular producers or owners. However, without them, the system would fail to work.

Google Pre Installed Apps

The pre-installed software in your cellphone can actually come in handy for you. Many people regard them as useless apps that just consume the system memory. However, it is not the case. These built in apps are there for a reason. The Google app bundle like Google Drive, Google Maps and Play Store and so on, are a common find in almost every Android device. There is no denying the fact that how useful they are to the users in their day to day life. However there are many more Google apps that can remain in one’s blind spot but can be quite useful to the user. Examples of such apps are:

Play Music: an app that can play music not only from your smartphone’s memory, but you can search and play millions of songs from its online resources. With this software installed, you need not download any other playback app.

Document Readers: Google also offers different Microsoft Document readers in many Android phones. These readers include apps like, Slides that are used in Power Point Presentations; Docs that reads MS Word Documents and Sheets which can read MS Excel Sheets seamlessly. With these apps pre-installed in the device, you can take your work along with you. This nullifies the need to open up and use a computer every time you need to view that important document your boss just sent you.

Other Pre Installed Apps

Apart from Google App Bundle, many other useful pre-installed apps exist on devices. Some of them are:

QR Code Reader: You might have come across places or written material with a black and white Checkered Block also known as Quick Response Code. Each of such code is actually a link to a particular website or app that you can view only with a QR Code Reader app. This app acts like a camera that scans it and opens the hidden link in the said code.

Amazon Apps: Amazon offers a number of exciting services like Shopping, Groceries and Prime through which, you can play unlimited number of movies and shows. And they come in very handy in many ways. A lot of Android devices come with these apps pre-installed.

Transferring Apps: Every time you have to buy a new phone, transferring information like media, contacts, messages etc can be a nuisance. To counter this, apps like Xender are pre-installed so that when you buy a new Android mobile phone, you can transfer all the content from your previous device quite easily.

Extra Keyboard Apps: Some Android devices even come with an additional pre-installed typing app. These apps like Swiftkey usually are user friendly with creative customizable options for the keypad. They can also be very useful while typing with their word prediction and auto correct.

Android phones are very secure and extremely functional in part due to the variety of apps and software available for them. And Intex Smartphones are built in a similar fashion, keeping in mind the usage pattern and needs of the customers. Not only are they studded with the latest technology and features, but they come at a very reasonable price.