Top 10 Best Camera Mobile Phones Launched By Intex

Top 10 Best Camera Phones by Intex

There was a time when the only function of mobile was to make calls. But over the period of time, evolution happened and mobile became smartphone. One feature that became an integral part of the mobile technology was Camera, which still stays to be one of the most important and determining factor when we buy a smartphone. Enhanced camera features have taken the smartphone industry by storm and we all need an amazing camera in our pockets. If we talk about Indian markets, Intex has always strived to provide the nation with the best of technology at the most pocket friendly price. Keeping the photography and selfie craze we have listed 10 best camera phones from Intex which gives your passion a pocket friendly supports.

Top 10 best camera phones from Intex

  1. Aqua 4G+

A smartphone is not just a smartphone –it’s an armour of style. Let us put the spotlight on Intex Aqua 4G+ that features a solid Dragon Trail Glass, MediaTek Processor, and a brilliant 13 MP Camera with Autofocus and Samsung Sensor. What it’s like capturing your favorite moments with a superior 13 MP camera and selfie with a stunning 5 MP front facing camera? Awesome right?

What’s more? A premium gaming experience that comes with 2 GB RAM. Aqua

4G+ smartphone camera is the comprehensive answer to all your desire for

great pictures. Reinvent your pictures  with one of the best camera phones.

  1. Aqua Glam

A camera is the girl’s best friend. Intex Aqua Glam has an impeccable 8 MP rear camera for girls who love to capture their moments the special way. With 8 MP Front Camera, feel like the coolest selfie girl around.

Girls! Click the best pictures with all your enthusiasm with Intex Aqua Glam and don’t miss a single special moment. Glam up your life with this best camera phone.

  1. Aqua Power+

You might as well love Intex Aqua Power+ with a 4000 mAh battery, 2 GB RAM and a camera that leaves you amazed. Your desperate hunt for charging points and a breathtaking camera ends with this phone. The phone features a 5 MP front camera and 13 MP rear camera that entices you all the way. Also over 30 hours of music, a dose of 4-6 movies, delivered in a sleek and smart design in your hands feels great.

Celebrate powerful pictures with Intex Aqua Power+. Verbal commands to shoot, and not just clicks; from the front or the back, from a distance or up-close, taking selfies gets redefined with Intex Aqua Power+.

  1. Aqua Speed HD

Superior pictures unleashed with Intex Aqua Speed HD.

Speed meets classy. When we say classy, we mean a classy mobile phone camera that acts as your companion. Beat the ordinary picture quality with a stunning 8 MP camera and 5 MP front camera. What’s more? Panorama Shot, Face Beauty, Live Photo Mode, Continuous  Shots, Voice Capture ,HDR, Smile Shot, Face detection, Zero shutter delay, capture by volume up & down key, capture by Bluetooth, capture by earphone. Aqua Speed HD is your super fast phone with one of the best camera features.

  1. Aqua Star II 16 GB

The next in line best camera phone is Intex Aqua Star II 16 GB. There couldn’t have been a better camera. With 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP selfie camera, get ready to break the monotone look and opt for a little whimsy in your shots.

Picture-perfect shots need a great camera to capture them. The sizzling Intex Aqua Star II 16 GB just does the same for you. Aqua Star II is simply one of the best camera phones brought to you by Intex.

  1. Aqua Star II HD

Your style quotient is certain to touch new heights when you choose to own this attractive, slim-finish handset. And too with a special 5 MP front and 8 MP camera which makes you feel like a star. You’re a star yes you are! Taking photographs like a pro becomes child’s play with its sheer convenient and easy camera handling. Do we need to say more about this phone?

It’s already a star phone for the star in you. You become the cynosure of all eyes when you decide to choose this Android phone with a smart camera.

  1. Aqua Power II

It’s time to reveal the next best camera phone. Its elegantly crafted with a lot of awesomeness. What’s brings the awesomeness? The big HD display, a 4000 mAh battery and a stunning camera brings alive the awesomeness around you. Seize the moment with a 5MP rear camera with Auto Focus. This phone is just too perfect for your love of photography.

  1. Cloud M6

There will be no shortage of curiosity for the next few minutes because we are going to brace the Intex Cloud M6 that has a camera with a different appeal. Quickly capture all the best moments in full detail as and when they happen with an  8 MP rear camera with Flash. Cloud M6 is an amazingly satisfying combination of with an 8MP rear camera, 5 MP selfie camera and 2 GB RAM.

  1. Cloud Power Plus

With Intex Cloud Power Plus, you have got the power to last long and capture the world. Let pictures speak to you with a 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. This phone is a sure victory when it comes to verbal commands to shoot and not just clicks, be it from the front or the back, from a distance or close up. Let your pictures touch new heights with Cloud Power Plus, one of the best camera mobile phone.

  1. Intex iRist

Last but not the least, we have the Intex iRist for you, the watchphone that defines your attitude and as we call it watchitude. It’s not a smartphone, it’s a watchphone. With iRist, you can originate a call, send messages, also the call can be heard and answered with just your Wrist. What’s more? A superb camera that turns your pictures alive. The only smart watch with a 5 MP Camera, iRist captures your memories and stores it well. So, now your memories are yours with just a click with flick of wrist.