Best Power Banks Above 10000mAh for An Amazing Day Out

Best Power Banks Above 10000mAh for An Amazing Day Out

Living in a fast-paced world with dominant e-connectivity, people from our generation cannot imagine living without their cell phones. A recent addition to this need is power bank. The need can be said to have gone through the roof and rightly so, after all the constant activity on the internet leaves our mobile phones severely and almost quickly drained of battery! Intex, after successfully producing handsets soon read into the need of the masses and ventured into power bank manufacturing as well.

Here is a list of the best investments you can make with one of the top domestically renowned brand Intex:-

1. IT-PB 20K Poly (20000mAh)

The device comes built with two USB ports and is perfect to charge a range of products, such as phones, tablets and even digital cameras. The device itself doesn’t put your patience to test in getting charged, and this is unlike most of its competitor power banks that need to be put on charge the entire day! Available in white and lithium polymer as color options, this product weighs down its heavy/bulky competitors with its slim look. The product comes with added attractions such as LED indicators, an LED torch which makes it a perfect journey partner for you!

IT-PB20K Poly (20000mAh)


2. IT-PB 15K (15000mAh)

For its rubber finish, this product stands out against the rest of the pack and it is this very feature that also makes this gadget easy to handle and amazingly light weight. The device has three USB ports and when fully charged, the power bank can charge high end mobile phones up to 4 to 5 times! This item is available in black and lithium-ion.

IT-PB 15k (15000mAh)


3. IT-PB12.5K (12500mAh)

This product comes with 1-year domestic warranty and also relieves you of unpredicted hassles in case of any manufacturing defects. It raises the bar within the power bank capacity category of 12500(mAh) as it is conveniently light weight, has three USB ports along with other standard Intex features such as LED torch and indicates the beaming power in the bank. You can own this amazing product in any of the three colors – white, grey, lithium-ion.

IT-PB12.5K (12500mAh)


4. PB-11K (11000mAh)

The three USB ports allow this product to charge multiple devices, be it mobile phones or tablets. It is sleek in design with a stylish look in some of the smartest color options like white and lithium-ion. Its light weight breaks the stereotype of (bulky) power banks and yet lends you monstrous power back-up while on the go. The 1-year manufacturer warranty gives you added reason to trust this device.

PB-11K (11000mAh)


5. PB-108 (10800mAh)

The device offers power charging through two USB ports. Available in gold and lithium-ion, the product oozes style. It is available with a 6-months warranty.

PB-108 (10800mAh)

The above stated products are the current best power banks in the market. Analyze the backup capacity most suited to your needs and make the perfect-pick from these available best devices so that you always stay connected, even on your day out!