Top 5 Power Banks For Mobiles Launched by Intex under Rs 2000

Top 5 Power Banks For Mobiles Launched by Intex under Rs 2000

Smartphones these days have become indispensable parts of our lives and our fingers just can’t stop scrolling on them. Our smartphone is like a one stop solution for all our needs. Be it for our social needs or be it our apps that provide with almost everything we want, our smartphones lead a tiring life. With so much going on, our smartphones run out of power quite often and we look for a charging port relentlessly. But thanks to the upgrading technology, we are blessed with power banks for mobile and they step in to save the day!

Mobile power bank has become an inseparable travel accessory for all those on the move and have kept our social and work life moving uninterrupted. While it’s an essential for most of us, the question arises that how much should we spend on a power bank. Though it depends on an individual’s need, but as a rational consumer we wish to have the best power bank at a pocket-friendly price. Keeping in mind the needs, here is the list of best power banks in India launched by Intex under Rs 2000/-

1. IT-PB 11 K N

Get your hands on this amazing power bank that gives you the freedom to go around without a worry. A powerful 11000mAh backup makes sure that your smartphone doesn’t run out of juice easily. With 3 USB ports of 5V/1A and 2x5V/2A, share the power with your friends and take away their worries of low battery. A mere net weight of 270g and handy design makes it your perfect travel partner. Carry power with you wherever you go. Get your PB-11 K N at just Rs 1,750/-

2. IT-PB6K Poly

Carry the powerhouse in your pocket and feed your smartphone at your ease. Massive 6000mAh battery backup to keep your entertainment rolling. With 2 USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously, be the friend everyone wants because sharing is caring! With its sleek design, mesmerizing looks, glossy finish and light weight the power accessory shall surely add on to your style quotient. Grab the powerhouse at a competitive price of just Rs 1,630/-

3. PB-5000

Experience power like never before. A companion for all your travels, the PB-5000 power bank boasts of a strong 5000mAh battery backup and proves to be the best friend for your smartphone. A smart LED light indicator keeps you updated with the power remaining in the power bank and makes sure that your smartphone needs are handled very well. With a design that will turn some heads, the power bank can pump up your style with its stylish finish and sleek design. At an amazing price of just Rs 1,499/-, the PB-5000 is one of the best power banks you can buy.

4. PB-2500

Keep the power handy with PB-2500 power bank from Intex. 2500mAh battery backup makes sure your travel and daily routine are smooth and fun. With smartphones being the essential part of our daily routine, we need to keep our power banks handy. With PB-2500, you don’t need to worry about your smartphone running out of power that easy. Lightweight, compatible and sleek design along with a superior leather finish redefines the style quotient and makes sure that convenience is served at its best. At an unbelievable price of Rs 849/-, the PB-2500 is amongst the best power banks in India at such an affordable price.

5. IT-PB 2K

The lightest amongst all, the power bank weighs only 40g yet can provide you with a backup of 2000mAh. With an output of 5V/1A, it is designed for those who wish to keep it light. Lighter than almost any accessory you carry, the power bank for your mobile is stylish, trendy and a complete value for money. Get your IT-PB 2K at just Rs 699/-!