Choose the Best Power Bank for Travel

Choose the Best Power Bank for Travel

‘Travelling collects moments and turns them into memories’ but what if you are unable to capture your favorite moments due to low battery issues? Those moments will remain in your eyes forever but not in your favorite gadget. Favorite moments are now posted on social media sites and you would not like if your favorite moments of traveling are not shared on a bigger platform with your loved ones!

While traveling we ensure that our gadgets are fully charged, but during our beautiful journey we like to enjoy and capture every bit of nature but this experience can become soon spoiled when your mobile starts displaying a low battery signal! So what’s the best solution? It’s quite simple – carry the best power bank on your journey. Due to technological advancement, these devices are in great use and they ensure that your device is never out of battery. Here are the 5 best power banks from a domestically renowned brand Intex which you can always carry whenever you are planning to go for a journey:-

1. IT-PB-16K (16000mAh)

Most powerful equipment is in your hand! This power bank is the ultimate solution for your smartphone battery. A mammoth power of 16000mAh is a perfect partner to carry for traveling. No need to carry your mobile charger as 2 USB ports will help to charge 2 devices at the same time. Now lend a helping hand to your friends or simply charge up two of your own devices!



2. PB-11K (11000mAh)

This power bank is another good choice for your amazing traveling experience. This power bank comes with 11000mAh battery that provides instant charging to your device. Its classy look is eye-catching and inbuilt torch is an add-on for your exciting journey.



3. PB- 108 (10800mAh)

Travel worry free! PB- 108 comes with 10800mAh battery which ensures that your smartphone will always display a battery percentage of 100%! This device comes with 2 USB ports for charging two devices at the same time. One of the best features about this power bank is the LED indicator which gives you a signal about the remaining power in the bank.Now more power to you!

PB- 108


4. IT-PB- 10K (10000mAh)

Your traveling will now become smooth and easy with IT PB- 10K which comes with 10000mAh power backup that ensures that your device battery is always charged up! This equipment comes with 4.25V overcharge protection that keeps your mobile safe and secure.

IT-PB- 10K


5. PB-P10 (10000mAh)

Power to go an extra mile in your journey! This power bank comes with 10000mAh battery that keeps your smartphone boosted all the time! Its lightweight and thin shape will make it the perfect travel buddy for you. Charge 2 smartphones simultaneously with 2 USB outputs. Now share the power!


Above are the best power banks that are domestically available to keep your mobile fully charged without any worries. Now keep your best buddy with you for your short as well as your long journey.