Top 5 Power Banks for Your Smartphone

Top 5 Power Banks for Your Smartphone

“We don’t use the technology, we live in it” this has been proved by every person who is having the smartphone in their hand. The changes in technology are rapid and smartphones we are using comes with a more upgraded version which is making every individual’s life more comfortable and easier. But have you ever thought with this rapid change in technology where different apps are being launched each day and your smartphone has to do multiple tasks, it will need a solid battery backup to perform various activities? Battery consumption is more nowadays due to multiple works goes in the smartphone and carrying the charger in public transport and looking for electric port becomes stressful.

In the recent era, Mobile power bank has become one of the important travel accessories that help to keep your mobile battery fully charged and you can take your travel charger wherever you go! If you are thinking to buy a new one for your smartphone then u need to pick the best option which is cost effective and charges your device at a better speed. Here is a list of 5 best power banks launched by domestically renowned brand Intex:-

1. Intex PB- 16k Poly

Always in an adventure mood? Then this is a perfect gift for your smartphone that keeps your smartphone’s battery boosted. This device comes with 16000mAh power backup that ensures you are always connected to a virtual world without worrying about the battery. 2 USB output ports are add-on to make other devices like your digital camera, MP3 and MP4 Players charge upon a rapid pace. An inbuilt torch is a perfect partner in all adventurous journeys you take.

Intex PB- 16k Poly


2. Intex PB- 15k Poly

Always on a work mode? Attending calls at regular intervals and worry about the phone charging all the time? Worry less and work more! This power bank comes with 15000mAh Li-polymer battery that will keep your phone charged and no interruption during important calls. The special quality of this device is its high-quality internal circuits that keep your device safe and secure. 2 USB ports ensure 2 devices can be charged.

Intex PB- 15k Poly


3. Intex PB- 20k Poly

Most powerful of all! This power bank comes with a mammoth of 20000mAh battery that provides the high performance like never before! Charge your smartphone, tablet, digital camera and other digital devices. 2 USB Output ports and fast charging input of the power bank helps it to get the charging faster and you will step out worry free!

Intex PB- 20k Poly


4. Intex PB- 10K Poly

If you always in a hurry and can’t carry your phone charger then carry this immensely light weighted power bank that comes with 10000mAh battery that charges your phone in a quick time! Its classy design will make you crave to buy this device and high-quality internal circuits prevent Input over-voltage and incorrect insertion.

Intex PB- 10K Poly


5. Intex PB- 4000E

Partner is the one who helps the other in difficult times, Gift your smartphone a perfect partner which helps to keep your phone fully charged. This device comes with 4000mAh giant battery to give your smartphone to go an extra mile. Its unique feature is a smart light indicator that reminds you about battery life.

Intex PB- 4000E

The best power device is the requirement of every tech-savvy person and with the above list; it will definitely become easy for you to select the best device amongst all. Before purchasing this device, don’t forget to check the required capacity, the number of charging ports, portability, and other important factors. Now, carry on with your smartphone and eliminate the worry of power backup forever.