5 amazing advantages you didn't know about refrigerator

5 Amazing Advantages You didn’t Know About Refrigerator

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your essential food items if they are not refrigerated? Usually it is observed that most of the food items don’t last for too long or their life span becomes short if they are not refrigerated. We always think that a refrigerator only helps in storing the food for a longer period of time so that our food stays fresh and edible. But the story doesn’t end here because a fridge has a plethora of advantages that we are unaware of and chances are upon knowing them we would be able to use it more effectively.

Here are 5 things that you didn’t know your refrigerator could do:

1. Make the Best of Humidity Controls

5 Amazing Advantages You didn’t Know About Refrigerator

We all try to get the best refrigerator in our budget loaded with features, but once we get it home, we forget about the features and use it normally. The technology has advanced and so shall we. Storing temperature of vegetables is different from that of fruits and the evolving technology has addressed the issue with humidity and temperature control functions. With various compartments for different kinds of food, one can set the temperature and humidity as per the food and keep it fresh for longer.

2. Air Tight gasket

5 Amazing Advantages You didn’t Know About Refrigerator

Air tight gasket is a flexible elastic strip attached to the outer edge of a refrigerator or freezer compartment. This gasket is designed to form an air-tight seal that serves as a barrier between the cool air inside the appliance and the warmer external environment. The seal function helps in temperature control, and in regulating the machine’s internal conditions which helps to keep the food fresh for longer. As such, it is a simple yet important feature which can add on to the functionality of your refrigerator.

3. Moist Balance Crisper

5 Amazing Advantages You didn’t Know About Refrigerator

In most single door refrigerators you will be able to find a compartment for your vegetables and fruits. This compartment is called the crisper and it able to keep your vegetables and fruits fresh for longer. But how do these crispers keep the vegetables fresh for longer? They have high and low temperature settings that help to maintain the freshness of these food items. The humidity setting refers to the amount of space in the drawers which has been left open for airflow. Where low-humidity drawers can let in some airflow into the drawer, a drawer with high-humidity setting is closed off completely. A moist balance crisper adds on extra layers of protection by condensing extra humidity and evaporating moisture. Make sure your refrigerator comes with this smart feature!

4. Stabilizer Free Operation

5 Amazing Advantages You didn’t Know About Refrigerator

Buying a refrigerator with stabilizer was initially considered to be important for stabilizing voltage in homes, but now technology has evolved and you don’t have to pay extra money to buy a stabilizer for voltage fluctuations. New one comes with an add-on feature of stabilizer free operations that ensures there is no adverse effect on your appliance or on the voltage. Indulging in refrigerators that come with this feature can help you stay away from voltage fluctuations as well as other maintenance costs.

5. Maximize Output and Reduced Consumption

5 Amazing Advantages You didn’t Know About Refrigerator

Did you know you can enhance the performance of the refrigerator and go easy on power consumption? That’s the level technology has advanced to! You can change the settings in an optimized way, depending upon food in the fridge and go easy on power consumption. Star Power ratings help you make a better decision and save more. Along with saving power and money, it also goes easy on the environment.

So if you are thinking to buy a new refrigerator you must keep in mind all the above mentioned features. Intex refrigerators come with air tight gasket which helps in regulating the temperature and keep the food fresh for longer. Stabilizer free operation keeps your electricity bill under control. They also feature Moist Balance Crisper that keeps your fruits and vegetables farm fresh and you never compromise on your health. We hope these tips will enhance your experience and help you make the best choice.