5 simple ways to maintain your refrigerator

5 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Refrigerator

Our refrigerator is one of the most useful household appliances that we can own. Its utility is mostly noticeable in the summers when we crave chilled water and beverages as well as those summers sweet-treats and coolants. However, most of us conveniently forget that our machines also need proper maintenance to keep functioning properly. It can be helpful to know how to increase its life and efficiency.

Check out these simple tips to maintain the condition and increase the life of your fridge:

1. Check the door seals

A loose door seal lets the cool air seep out, wastes energy and ultimately leads to more power consumption by the unit. Therefore, it is important to keep the seals free from food residues. In order to do this, you can make a solution of baking soda and water and use a toothbrush to get rid of the particles trapped in the seal.

To test whether the seals are working properly, try the currency bill test: Insert the bill in the door so that half of it is in and half is out – if it doesn’t slip out easily, congrats! Your door seals are functioning perfectly!

2. Keep the coils clean

If the condenser coils on the refrigerator get covered with dust, it leads to loss of efficiency. Depending on the model that you own, the coils will either be located behind or underneath the body. For accessing coils located underneath, you should remove the grill at the bottom front of the fridge. For coils located behind, pull the unit out from the wall. Next, unplug the fridge and vacuum with the brush attachment.

3. Regulate the temperature

Keep the temperature of your refrigerator moderated between 37 and 40 degree Fahrenheit (1.6 degree Celsius – 4.4 degree Celsius), and the freezer at 0 degrees. Also, the fuller the refrigerator, the more it holds the temperature when opening/closing and hence consumes less energy. Therefore, adding cool foods and drinks will help absorb warm air.

4. Keep the drain hole and drip pan clean

Most of the refrigerators utilize the drain hole and drip pan to remove condensation. This makes it crucial to keep them maintained. It’s advisable to consult the owner’s manual and remove food particles and mineral deposits from the drain hole accordingly. The drain pan can also be easily taken out and scrubbed.

5. Change the water filter

If your refrigerator comes with an ice maker or water dispenser, it will most likely have a water filter that will have to be cleaned regularly. Consult the owner’s manual to see how regularly it needs to be changed or, as a thumb rule replaces the filter every six months. This will certainly extend the life of your fridge.

As an add-on, you can schedule your refrigerator cleaning on your calendar or use any reminder application to ensure that you keep your refrigerator maintained. This practice will keep your servicing bills low and add more years to the unit. The summer season is at its peak and we just can’t do without a fridge.

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