6 Obvious Signs You Need a New Refrigerator

6 Obvious Signs You Need a New Refrigerator

What do you think is the most essential electrical appliance in your kitchen? You surely would agree that a refrigerator is the answer! The five main components of this device are fluid refrigerant; a compressor for controlling the flow of refrigerant; the condenser coils outside the fridge; the evaporator coils inside of the fridge; and an expansion device. These five key components help in keeping our food fresh for a longer time. Can you imagine a kitchen without this appliance? Definitely not! The breakdown of this essential device can certainly lead to chaos in our life. Given below are 6 obvious signs that indicate when you should consider replacing your refrigerator:

1. Increased condensation:

Increased condensation

Do you often notice moisture on the outer body of your fridge? This is a crucial sign that indicates that your device may not be cooling properly. You may also notice excessive condensation inside the fridge. Check the rubber sealing around the door for mold growth which is generally caused due to high moisture. Upon noticing these signs, you should definitely opt for repairs or in the case of repeated occurrences – go for a replacement!

2. Inefficient motor:

Inefficient motor

Keep a close check on the back of your refrigerator. It generally feels warm due to functioning of the motor. However, in the event of it being excessively hot, it might indicate some issue with either the coil or motor of the appliance. If your device has been constantly facing this issue, then it is advisable to buy a new one rather than spending too much money on repair.

3. Spoiled food:

Spoiled food

If you notice food products getting spoiled/rotten faster than they should, then this is a sign that your refrigerator may not be performing efficiently. In simpler terms, it means that the appliance is not capable of maintaining the temperature it should. This type of an inefficiently working appliance also consumes a lot of energy. It’s a huge financial loss – you are wasting food as well as paying high electricity bills. Instead of enduring constant losses, it is best to invest in a new device.

4. Too much ice:

Too much ice

Just like inefficient cooling is a problem, too much of ice is also a sign of a problematic device. If you have to chisel layers of ice before you can get to your packet of peas, there’s something seriously wrong with your device. This problem indicates that it has stopped working efficiently and needs a replacement. Opt for a single door refrigerator to keep constant maintenance bills at bay.

5. Age of the appliance:

Age of the appliance

Age is another factor that you should consider while taking the decision of replacing your device. Generally, such an appliance can work efficiently for 10-15 years. If that refrigerator has been around for longer and constantly requires repairs, then it’s a major sign of replacement. The lifespan of this device generally varies from one brand to another. Nevertheless, you should check for signs of ageing in such an appliance and opt for a new one at the right time.

6. Too much noise:

Too much noise

If you can hear disturbing noises from your device, it may be time to call a technician. If the noise still persists, you should think about replacing the device with a new one. Refrigerators are appliances that ideally do not make too much noise while running. You can only hear a low rumbling sound or hum. But if the sound is too loud or persistent, then get a replacement.

Even if you don’t like the color, design, or the size of the old refrigerator that you have in your kitchen, you can opt for a new one. There are so many different sizes and designs available in the market today that you’d surely crave to have a sparkling new single door refrigerator! Look for discounts and offers, which is another good reason to get your old device replaced for a new one at discounted rates. You might be spending a lot of money in repairs, electricity bills, and wasted food items. It’s better to make a smart one-time investment in a branded refrigerator.