Care for Your Refrigerator in Winters with These Tips

Care for Your Refrigerator in Winters with These Tips

In every aspect and respect, refrigerators are of irreplaceable importance in our homes. While owning it may seem like a common thing, taking care of it as the seasons come and go might seem like a challenging task. Here are a few things that have to be kept in mind while you are taking care of your double door or a single door refrigerator this winter.

1. Adjusting the temperature:

Setting the right temperature is the key to get the best out of a refrigerator. While summers require a cooler atmosphere, winters seek no more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit of interior environment. It is vital to adjust the temperature to this optimum level to ensure that your appliance performs well. If the appliance has an option wherein the temperature gets adjusted automatically, the user can use it to his advantage and take care of the other maintenance priorities of the product.

Adjusting the temperature


2. Storing food in the right compartment:

The inside of a refrigerator hosts several compartments designed for specific purposes. It is important to make use of these compartments and store the right food in them. The emptier the fridge, the higher are the chances for warm air to rush into it when the doors are opened. Utilizing this storage unit to its maximum can be beneficial to extend its longevity. Storing food in this appliance is not the same as storing food anywhere else. The containers in which the food is stored have to be sealed properly before they are kept inside to avoid any olfactory contaminations.

Storing food in the right compartment


3. Cleaning your refrigerator:

Simple and efficient cleaning procedures can elongate the lifespan of a refrigerator. It has to be a half yearly ritual to clean the condenser coils and fan blades, which is located at the bottom of the unit. It is highly recommended to read the user’s manual to follow the detailed instructions supplied by the manufacturer before cleaning the micro as well as the macro components of your appliance.

Cleaning your refrigerator


4. Keeping the doors sealed:

The exterior environment can affect the cooling system of a cooling unit. The hinges and the seals of the doors should be free of any residue or water. If they are not, they will not seal completely, allowing the cool air to gush out and create a dent in the machine’s performance.

Keeping the doors sealed


5. Defrosting:

Keeping the refrigerator stocked is important. But, keeping the appliance free of frost is even more important. While having a polished exterior might seem appealing to all the owners, it is equally important to keep the interiors clean. An efficient way to do that is by defrosting the appliance. The appliance has to be unplugged and the insides have to be cleaned manually by removing the shelves and the compartments. The residue from the foods that may have spilled must be cleaned thoroughly to optimize the performance of the appliance.



6. Deodorize:

Deodorizing can be done while defrosting and cleaning a refrigerator. It is a common occurrence to identify unpleasant odors emanating from a stocked appliance. This is result of one of the following:

• Not cleaning the interior of the appliance
• Over stocking or under stocking
• Leaving the fridge open
• Not closing the containers in which the food is stored and
• Not checking on the water filter level

Deodorizing can be various ways. The simplest method to keep the insides clean is to use odor removers such as baking soda and placing them inside the compartments to trap the smells. If this is done frequently, any unpleasant smell emanating from the unit will be dissolved in the deodorizer.



7. Stabilizing the power supply:

The components in any electronic appliance need the right amount of power supply in them for their functioning. The appliance has to draw power without any fluctuations in the power supply. If there are any fluctuations, stabilizers can be used to channelize an uninterrupted supply of current. Most refrigerators come with their own stabilizer instead of using another stabilizer from the outside.

Stabilizing the power supply

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