Give Your Kitchen a Gift of Freshness

What do you look for in a refrigerator? Single door, top freezers, star rating, or shelves of toughened glass?

‘If you buy a refrigerator, you are committing to the future so that you have the food to eat for the next ten years’, Kenneth Arrow once said. Arrow stands right especially in present-day homes where these appliances serve as much a functional unit in it as a decorative element of it. Buying one is an investment and should be treated as such.

However, the market is riddled with options, from the energy-efficient models to the ones fitted with cool technologies. It’s a struggle to pick features which you need and can afford. When you decide on buying a fridge, the problem boils down to one thing-what comes best in your budget?

Buying a Refrigerator Requires You to Have More Information

Here’s what these appliances should do ideally:

  1. a) have lots of storage space, b) be good at cooling, and c) look like a fancy piece of furniture you fought for in some classy auction.

However, these appliances differ in terms of capacity, types of shelves, style, finish, energy efficiency, temperature controllers, door locks, etc. Given the budget specifications, you’ll need to choose and compare models to pick the one that performs well and is affordable.

Consider the Space You Have

You’ll need to figure out beforehand how much space you can spare for the your new appliance, how wide or tall it should be to fit in said space, and if its door will swing open freely with least constriction in that position.

Also, keep in mind that close fits aren’t a good idea, especially for single door refrigerators. There should be enough room left for air to reach the condenser coils.  And, you may want to spare some space around the appliance for cleaning purposes as well

Consider the Capacity

How much storage do you need? If you have a large family, or are single but entertain many dinner parties, or like to store food for the week at once, you’ll need a huge fridge.

If not, you can cut down on the size and pick one between 190-200 liters. These dimensions are big enough for a nuclear family and come with a good deal of inbuilt features.

Also, how you live affects the fridge’s capacity you should buy. For instance, if you eat out most of the times, you can buy a small refrigerator. If you buy frozen food in large quantities, you’ll need an appliance with lots of freezer space. If you live with a spouse and kids, have back problem, and can’t bow down to access a bottom freezer, you’ll need an appliance with maximum storage and freezer at the top.

Pick the Features You Need

Again, you’ll need a list of things you want and things you can do without in a refrigerator. For instance, there are models which provide an ice tray, antibacterial gasket, and toughened glass shelves but not a soda can dispenser. You’ll need the first three, the fourth, not so much of a need.

At the same time, many additional conveniences, like stabilizer-free functioning, moist balance crisper, year-long warranty, or spill guard for bottle shelves, may come with an added expense. Check for those.

Look for Energy Efficiency Rates

Energy stars are evidence that the fridge under consideration is compliant with standards, consumes less energy, reduces your electricity bills, and is environment-friendly.

However, appliances with higher energy ratings also cost more. And, you may stumble upon the perfect refrigerator with everything you need but the apt energy rating.

There are tricks to save energy, like not placing the fridge alongside a heat source, defrosting it frequently, giving the condenser enough space to breathe, and not leaving the fridge door open for long. But you’ll have to decide if you want to make that bargain or not.

And, Select a Model That Looks Great

Buying and investing in big appliances can be a tough decision to make. So, it is recommended to thoroughly follow the guide for buying such appliances and keep in mind the points which are mentioned above. Energy saving with the use of long lasting manufacturing material that helps these appliances to last for years are the few things that make them good enough to be a part of your household.

In the same context, Intex refrigerators are manufactured keeping the consumers in mind and they are made affordable. Featuring attributes like chiller tray, grip handle, and toughened glass shelves as well as advancements like the crisper cover, stabilizer-free operational capacity, and moist balance crisper. At Intex Technologies, we are determined to provide you with the best without compromising on any level.