Learn How to Make More Space in Your Refrigerator

Learn How to Make More Space in Your Refrigerator

The general climate condition of our country is apt for quick bacterial and fungal growth. With this, the eatables and food products go stale very easily. But thank goodness for the invention called refrigerator, which lets us store edibles for longer duration of times even in the given conditions. With them at our disposal, we get the freedom of not having to cook fresh meals three times a day. We can either cook food beforehand or use packaged food. Therefore this has become one of the most indispensible electronic appliances today.

With the level of popularity and usage in the present times, the fridge has evolved into various subtypes on the basis of functionality and need, for instance, single door refrigerator ora double door one. Based on the type, with little ingenuity and planning, you can find ways to use the available space in your appliance more judiciously. Let’s take a look at few of them.

1. Use Individual Bins and Cartons:

You can use individual baskets or bins, for storing particular items. This way you can cut down your refrigerator price by buying a smaller appliance and still get the storage space comparable to a bigger one. Bins or baskets can be easily removed and placed inside again. You can even label these bins for easy recognition; and once the foodstuff is consumed, the same carton can be used for storing new stuff.

Use Individual Bins and Cartons


2. Using the Space Smartly:

Make diligent use of the space available in your fridge, provided by storing condiments like eggs on the door at the allocated place. You can remove any of the top shelves if you have tall containers to be stored; as they can be replaced later, accordingly. You can store milk packets in the chiller compartment of the fridge. Similarly, larger articles must be placed in larger portions. Placing cartons on top of each other can also free up some space for other things.With ideal employment of the given storage space you can get the benefits of a larger, double door one at a single door refrigerator price. Talk about cost effectiveness, right!

Using the Space Smartly


3. Store in Bottles and Jars:

Since they are made of glass or plastic, the foodstuff inside bottles and jars does not spoil easily. You can place leftovers or salads in them for refrigeration. This way, the item stays fresh and you also save a lot of space. You can even try storing air tight bottles horizontally to further use the empty space. These bottles or jars can also be placed on top of each other, leaving lot of area for other items. Also fixing some paper clips on the shelf rods strategically underneath bottles can stop them from toppling over while you can use the remaining space for other items.

Store in Bottles and Jars


4. Upside Down: Bats Show the Way!

While birds perch on trees, bats hang upside down from branches and this gives a brilliant idea for space conservation. You may have noticed that an awful lot of space is wasted between the bottom of top shelf and bottom shelf of the fridge. One good idea to use this space is to use the rack bottom just like a clothes wire. You can use paper clips to hang half opened packets from the shelf rods. Alternatively, you can use magnets to attach bottles with metal caps to the top thus using the space that always goes waste. Just slide out drawers, available on online stores, can be fixed under a shelf for storage. Make the use of all the space available in your refrigerator. Pull, stuff and push. That does it!

Upside Down Bats Show the Way


5. Clean, Plan, Update and Maintain:

One of the most important jobs to make appliances work for you is their maintenance. While the overall care elongates the life of the refrigerator, maintaining the interiors is the way to space creation. You should regularly check the eatable stocks, discarding the entire outdated and expired foodstuff at regular intervals. You can plan the storage of food items according to their size and shape. Similarly you could place ready to eat foods, children’s favorite foodstuffs and fresh fruits in the front. Finally, use mats or plastic to cover shelves for easy maintenance. You can strip and clean the mats if something spills over. They also help in storing thin bars of chocolates that can slip through shelf rods.

Clean, Plan, Update and Maintain

Even with the best refrigerators out there, improper usage of the cooling space can fail to give you the desired results.However, following some of the above tips can certainly help you in achieving that. You can avail the best of the cooling results with Intex Refrigerators, which are known for their great performance in a package that is adorned with pretty floral designs and colors. This appliance is available at our stores with lowest prices and great specifications, which give every buck its worth.