Why You Should Choose Single Door Fridge over Double Door?

Why You Should Choose Single Door Fridge over Double Door?

Refrigerators are a must for a country like ours where the scorching heat and the humidity can spoil the eatables very quickly. Moreover, if it were not for these marvelous creations, what would have given us that cold water to quench our thirst? With the advent of technology, we have seen it evolve into the appliance we can use for different purposes. Certain features like LED lighting, proper spacing, convertible technologies and increasing the number of doors have paved their way into its realm. However, more the number of diversities, the more are the confusions attached with them!

Likewise, when someone decides to buy a new refrigerator, one basic question always lingers in their mind – Whether to look for a single door one or a double door? It can be very confusing trying to sort out each one’s advantages and disadvantages. You can spend numerous hours trying to filter out your choices, yet not come to a conclusion. Single door have simpler design and use less space, likewise, many factors points towards the benefits of buying it instead of a double door one. Today, let’s have a look at some of the reasons to choose a single door refrigerator over a double door one.

1. Small Fridge for Small Family:

It is the time of compactness. Nobody likes oversized and bulky things. Same goes for the size of refrigerator as well. For a smaller family of 2-4 persons, a single door one can easily do the job. A small single door have 180 – 215 Liter capacity can suffice for a nuclear family. Smaller single door are even found to maintain a better moisture balance than the double door ones. So the vegetables and fruits can retain their freshness for a longer time in them. A win – win situation for everybody!

Small Fridge for Small Family


2. Lesser Power Consumption:

As the size and capacity of an appliance increases, so does the power consumption. A single door refrigerator is economical in its power usage. With its lesser power consumption, come smaller electricity bills as compared to double door refrigerators which are known to consume up to 30% to 40% more power. This not only lightens your monetary burden, but also helps in conserving electricity. You can easily find a single door one with 3 stars rating; so that, you can save money and save nature at the same time.

Lesser Power Consumption


3. Lesser Space Consumption:

Double door refrigerators usually come in 250 liter or higher capacity. And to accommodate such large volumes, they have a larger built. Space management in modern homes can be an issue, especially if you live in a city. However, single door one being inherently smaller in size which can resolve the space problem seamlessly. They require lesser foot space, it is easy to place them conveniently in the desired position in the house. So no more space issues because of a big clumsy appliance hindering your day to day movement.

Lesser Space Consumption


4. Maintenance and Cleaning:

This is common knowledge that smaller spaces are relatively easier to clean and maintain. And refrigerators are no exception to this. With their smaller size and just one door, it is easier to clean them. No hassle in cleaning that large freezer that keeps on being greatly unused. And as mentioned before, they offer better moisture balance; therefore cleaning the frost becomes easier. Cleaning a smaller appliance not only saves you from unnecessary workload, but saves your precious time as well. And in today’s world, “Time is Money”, right?

Maintenance and Cleaning


5. Cooling Technique:

Single door fridges generally employ direct cooling method that means it lets the natural process of convection cool the things placed in it. On the other hand, the double door ones employ the use of extra electric fans that have to spread the cooling effect all over itself. As a result, the double door refrigerators use more power to do their work. While the former lets the physics play its part, thereby saving power consumption.

Cooling Technique


6. Economical:

Single Door’s are largely economical as compared to their counterparts in this comparison. In case of a small family, if you buy a double door, you end up paying for something that is way bulkier than your needs. Not only this puts extra burden on your budget, but as double door refrigerators consume more electricity, they keep on building on your monthly budget too. Ultimately, you first have to pay for the extra spaced appliance and then pay about 30 % to 40 % higher on your monthly electricity bills.


A single door fridge can help you save space, power, energy, time and money while at the same time being as useful. At Intex, they are available with all the latest technologies and come with some vibrant patterns and colors like floral, burgundy, wine red etc. With options of toughened glass or wired shelves and transparent freezer doors, you get your desirable features at a reasonable cost. Intex refrigerators also come equipped with anti bacterial basket which further increases the shelf life of the eatables.