Your New Smart TV is Your Perfect Entertainment Partner

Now those days are in the pages of history when your television set was referred as an idiot box. We have come to an era where Smart TVs have captured the home of every Indian household. The market has evolved rapidly from LCD to LED and now the Smart TV. Electronic brands are now offering a range of this appliance in various sizes and price points to meet the needs of the consumers.  Consumers too are acknowledging the changing trend and are increasingly looking at television sets that are connected to the Internet and offer nifty apps that keep them entertained. Let us see that how your new one can be your perfect entertaining partner:-

  1. A wise choice with wireless connection

We all are living in the era of internet where we love to watch our favorite web series or serials even if we are travelling. We watch these shows either on our laptops or our small screen smartphones as it requires the internet connection. Earlier these were only used to watch shows but we were quite far away from getting connected to the world on a bigger screen. Due to the invention of Smart TV now everything comes on a bigger screen. Watch your favorite shows on a bigger screen with a wireless internet connection that will give you a premium experience.

  1. Gaming experience with motion sensor

Gaming is all we need to keep stress and worries away and we usually play that on a smaller screen on our mobiles. We all enjoy playing different games but how about playing this game on a bigger and wider screen? Everyone likes to amplify their gaming experience on a bigger screen without attaching any other gaming box. Smart TV is a perfect choice for this as now, some of them come with motion sensors which can be connected to your small handset to a bigger screen to provide an ultimate gaming experience.

  1. Connectivity to all Social Media Platform

We all are connected to a world where we mostly converse with each other on a virtual platform. We all are on different social media platforms where we share messages, like pictures and get notifications instantly. Now make your leisure time pleasant and wonderful with your favorite apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter etc. on a bigger screen.

  1. Less harm to your eyes

Earlier when technology was not advanced the television box was not improved, there is hardly any concern about the safety of your eyes but now they are made with proper research that considers the safety of eyes as their first priority. Smart TV does not only provide amazing features of entertainment but also ensures that your health comes first. Eye Safe-T Matrix is one of the amazing features that is now found in some of Smart TV model that keeps your eyes safe and provide you with a safer visual experience with surety.

Above are the points that help us to know that those days are gone when the television was just considered to watch different channels because now they can do multitasking from watching different channels to connecting with the world of internet. If you are considering to buy a Smart Television that not only includes all the best features but also comes at an affordable price then Intex technologies can be a perfect choice. Intex is one of the domestic brands that provide all the above features at quite a reasonable price. For more information go to