Watchitude- The Watchphone That Defines Your Attitude

Watchitude- The Watchphone That Defines Your Attitude

Intex iRist

The revolutionary watch phone is here to steal your heart away. With a gadget like this on your wrist, feel like the world is on your fingertips. Let us introduce you to the new Intex iRist which will change the definition of watch phones.

Great things come in small packages.

The person who coined this phrase might have had the foresight of the invention of the iRist as nothing can define this watch phone better. A 240×240 bright display with 16 million colours, the iRist comes with a 3.9 cm(1.56″) screen, protected by a sapphire glass. This small machine is loaded with technical advancements too. The iRist comes with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor with 512 MB RAM supported by Android Kitkat 4.4.2. Don’t miss out on the additional features like 4GB ROM, 1.3 GB available for customer use and 32 GB expandable. The reason it’s a step ahead of any other smart watch is that this watch phone is not just sim enabled but supports 3G sim with an efficient calling function and an inbuilt dialer. Speed is rightly valued by this watch phone as it supports 3G network without a hassle.

Stay connected

There is nothing called a free lunch but there is certainly a bliss called free Wi-Fi. For this internet crazy generation iRist provides with various options to stay connected to the virtual world of internet. With HSPA, Wi-Fi, Hotspot, USB and BT stay connected and share files without a problem. How about connecting this smart gadget with another smart gadget? Well with its smart phone sync function, connect this watch phone with your smart phone and access messages along with phone book and miss call alerts on your wrist. Missing out on stuff is old school!

Entertainment is what we need

All work no play makes Jack a dull boy right? It seems Jack doesn’t know about iRist which keeps the entertainment quotient well in mind. On the go music player is what we need to relax. And what’s better than a device which provides music without the entangled headphones. iRist connects with BT headsets and can provide you with hassle free music, and when you exercise change tracks with ease. Also it comes with an inbuilt Pedometer to calculate the distance you run, the amount of calories you burn and number of steps you take. And who doesn’t like to flaunt gym selfies and pictures? Don’t worry! The iRist has a 5 megapixel camera with face detection to satisfy your selfie addiction. With so much to do with a single gadget, low battery can be a bummer. But not here. The watch phone is run by a 600 mAh Li-Poly battery which provides a talk time of 240 mins and a standby time of whooping 200 hours!

All who wander are not lost

Yes. Thanks to navigation and GPS we don’t get lost. iRist comes with inbuilt GPS navigation so you don’t get lost. Also the Watchitude gadget has an ambient light sensor and it’s water and dust resistant. So go on and explore the vicinity without worrying that you might harm your smartphone. The iRist is available in 3 different colours : Black, Orange and Pink because technology is best served in style.


We live in a world of high competition where to be on the top you need to strive for it. The new iRist is giving a strong competition to other watch phones like Apple Watch and Moto 360 and outlasting them in various arenas like the battery backup which is 600 mAh in iRist and only 205 mAh and 320 mAh in Apple Watch and Moto 360 respectively. Also iRist has an inbuilt GPS which is not present in either of the two competitors. The iRist comes with a Sim Support feature which is again missing in the competitors. So, we can say that the iRist is the best in class watch phone which is studded with features. Now comes the important question. What’s the price of this amazing gadget? Contrary to the high priced Apple Watch, iRist comes at a very pocket friendly price of Rs 15,000 only. Surprised? Well let’s surprise you more as the launch price is just Rs 11,999. Now this is something you can’t afford to miss! Grab your iRist soon and wear your attitude on your wrist. Smartphones? Jealous much?