Your SmartBand is Your Fitness Buddy!

Your SmartBand is Your Fitness Buddy!

‘Healthy isn’t a goal, it is a way of living’this quote is suitable for every individual because a healthy lifestyle not only improves your physical fitness but gives a great boosting to your mental health as well.Today, the marketplace is overflowing with numerous fitness gadgets and one of the most trending and easy to carry device is Smartbands. This device helps you to work out in a smarter way. Let us see how they help you as your perfect partner during a workout session:-

1. Keep in Check your Heart’s Beat

When you are having a great pumping session or an adrenaline rush during the workout, your heart might be experiencing a great strain. To keep in check with the healthy heart rate during exercise your smartband might come in handy because it is equipped with heart rate monitoring sensors. This gadget calculates your heart rate and helps you to plan your workout session accordingly. So don’t just concentrate on the muscle gain add the touch of smartness to your fitness regime.



2. Adding Fun to Your Workout Session

Keeping up with the rhythm and tempo of your body you can set your mood with one of the most amazing features that smartbands have. Loaded with multiple connectivity options you can make this gadget a super gadget. Connect this gadget with your smartphone via BT and listen to the music which gets you in the zone of working out. Many more attributes of smart bands like hydration alarm, sleep monitoring and alarm helps you to keep in touch with the health of your body anytime, anywhere.



3. Count the Steps that You Step

Stay in touch with your health even when you are not working out because your fitness buddy is always with you. Armed with the smart sensors the smartband on your wrist tracks your every movement in every direction. Giving you an insight of the steps you walked for the whole day and the calories you burned even when you thought you are not working out.



4. Calories Burnt is Health Earned

And yes, you can measure calories too with this amazing gadget! After Monitoring the heartbeat and steps you took to reach a mile, you need to know about the calories you burned. With the help of activity tracker in the smart band, it gives you the glimpse of total calorie burned by your body. This may help you to track your activities, set new challenges and goal for the further implementation of your fitness regime.

Smart wearables are not only fashionable, but quite beneficial while you are working out or you are training in the gym, jogging or simply walking. All these purposes can be served by the smart bands of Intex. This can be a good option for your daily workout and calorie tracking as it is quite effective and carries all the above features at an affordable price. So staying fit and healthy with smart gadgets is the smarter way of life!