BT Speakers

5 Reasons Why Music Lovers Should have BT Speakers

“Music is the wine that fills in the cup of Silence”. There are certainly millions of music lovers in the world. Jamming up the beat on those huge glossy speakers and drenching your soul in the melody brings Heaven right here on Earth. But sometimes, the fun of the soothing music ends at the door of the house. Well, once you are outside the connectivity radius, all you have is your Phone or music-player but they certainly don’t offer the same experience.

Well, this is where BT speakers come as the game changer. Extremely simple design, highly portable with excellent sound quality, they are perfect for “on the go” generation! In addition, all this is available at very reasonable rates. However, many people don’t realize they always needed one of these, until they actually get their hands on them. And after that, there is no turning back! Today for all such folks, we list down top 5 reasons to buy BT speakers.

1. Take It Easy:

BT speakers are very simple in design and make up. All you need is a device with BT connectivity, like a mobile phone, tablet or laptop and you are good to go. You can enjoy the quality music as you would on the conventional sound system. You can just ‘pair’ your device with the speaker and the next time when you switch it on; your device will be automatically connected.So whether it is music, phone calls or audio-books, you can have the best listening experience with one of these. In addition to these features, many of these small wonders come with in-built FM playability too. Charging them is just like charging your phone. Majority of them come with a mini USB charging interface for a high performance rechargeable battery.

2. Portable Melodies:

These are small sized and have a very light weight; and this makes them very portable. You can easily carry one of this anywhere you want. Going to the gym? Take this beauty along with you. Taking a shower? Just turn it on and take it with you. It’s like taking your music with you wherever you are. Being small and sleek, these speakers are extremely handy. Outside trips or camps with friends can be a dud without any music. But with these musical treats, you can turn those campfire dinners into happening parties! They fit easily in your backpack and are quite convenient to use.

3. Fits in Your Pocket – Both Literally and Figuratively!

Even a small sound system along with all its units can cost quite a lot to one’s pocket. But even considering this factor, the BT speaker emerges the winner. From as low as 800 Rupees, you can get a decent looking speaker, with many enviable specifications that will amaze you. So, you can enjoy similar features as any conventional home speakers like, magnetic shielding, LED indicator, aux input option etc, but at a very reasonable cost and extreme portability. They have very simple button system that plays, pauses, plays the next and previous as well as controls the volume seamlessly. So it would not be wrong to say, that bigger is not always better!

4. No Strings Attached:

Plugging in wires every time you need to listen to some tunes can get annoying after a point. But not with these BT speaker beauties! How many times have you taken out your headphones but found the wire tangled around like a mesh? It can be very frustrating to solve the puzzle every time you wish to listen to music. And once you are done with it and put them back, the wire gets tangled once again, all by magic waiting to be unraveled again! Similarly, at home, trying to find out where the plug-in wire goes in the speaker, along with the already plugged-in 10 or so wires can be a cumbersome task in itself. These problems are something you will never have to encounter with a BT speaker, just for the sole reason of them being completely wire-less to operate. You have to just switch it and the device BT on and your tunes are ready!

5. Look Ma, No Hands!

Apart from being able to play amazing quality music, they can act as very good hands-free calling device too. With their good frequency range and clear sound quality, you can use these speakers to converse instead of your headphone or even your handset. Many such devices come with an in-built wireless calling feature which can pick up the voice from a reasonable distance. And with a good connectivity radius of about 7-10 meters, it can be your good companion while you walk and talk!

Hope that these points will help you in making your decision regarding your next purchase. Having a small portable speaker with good sound quality can make you a hit among your friends. Just connect it with a source and let the soothing music flow. After all, they say, “Music is the food of the soul”.

At Intex, you can find the musical device that suits your needs and personality. With BT compatibility of 2.1 to 4.0, there is a wide range of speakers with charging time as low as 3-4 hours. The battery limit of these melodious devices can be extended up to 4-5 hours at maximum volume. Intex BT speakers come with an impressive BT range of 10 meters for giving you a melodious experience of a lifetime.